I’d Sure Not Like To

Check you for ticks!!! YUK!!!

I’ve never – ever in my life – had a tick on my body. Period. I go in the woods (and outside) alright – I wear tall socks, long pants and spray myself down with bug spray 50% of the time when I do. Kids – Seth in particular – wears shorts, short socks and sleeveless t-shirts. He’s a boy – it’s in their nature.

Last night he was playing with the new kids down the street – all five of them – and the boys across the street from us. I met the new kids parents – Sally and um…Allen and the kids across the street dad Scotty. They’ve lived there for a while I don’t know why I never introduced myself. I’m not good with new people.

Anyway – we cooked out hamburgers last night on the grill – well – Jeremy did. I heated up some mesquite baked beans and cut up a tomato that mom brought – horribly cut it to pieces I might add. Yes – mom came to dinner! It’s been a while since I’ve seen her and Keira was happy to see her too. As far as the tomatoes – I hardly ever eat them and I butcher them when I try to cut one up. Never give me a tomato to cut up – unless you want it in chunks for your salad – I can do that.

We all sat down and ate dinner in the kitchen – Keira had sweet potatoes and NO NAP. She’d been getting up a lot more so we thought denying her nap and filling her belly would help her sleep better. She got up once – so I guess it worked. Burger were DELISH – marinated in beer and Dales. Thanks honey! We talked for a while, mom played with Keira and I tried to clean up.

When it was time for mom to leave we went out and talked in the drive way while Jeremy jumped in the shower from smelling like work and smoke from the grill. Seth ran by us yelling “Bye Neeah!!” He could never say Nana so that’s what came out and it stuck – and he went back to playing with the kids down the street. Me and mom talked about everything in the drive way until around 8:10 including Seinfield episodes. The one with the chick and the man hands, the one with the “Pick” and the one where Kramer and George’s dad try to sell a bra for men. It was a fun conversation.

After mom left, Seth came in not to long after. I asked him to help me find Keira’s burp cloth (which is really a receiving blanket) and he went to her room and then the kitchen and then I found it in the living room floor on her play blanket. Seth starts to scratch his head – then he begins to pick something from his hair. Then you see him jump and throw something on the floor and start crying yelling “It’s alive!!!!! Something in my hair was alive!!!” I’m thinking – just a regular bug….

I say “Well go get a piece of toilet paper and pick it up and throw it in the toilet.” So he goes and gets toilet paper and Jeremy goes to check out what it was. It was a TICK!!! O.M.G. Jeremy told Seth to immediately get in the shower and wash thoroughly and feel through his hair for anything else. This is why he will be getting a hair cut soon – his hair is way to long for me.

No more ticks. But we couldn’t tell what kind it was. Deer tick? Dog tick? One of those other kinds of ticks? How many kinds could there be??? Well – there are five (here anyways). It creeps me out even looking at the pictures on the internet to figure out which one it was. This is the best place to check out – Tick Encounter. You can scroll down and click on the region you live in and see which kinds of ticks there are.

Here in the south – in Georgia – there is the Lone Star tick, the Dog tick, Deer tick, Gulf Coast tick and Brown Dog tick. Listed in order from high abundance to low abundance. I won’t put the pictures up here – cause it creeps me out that much – but you can go check them out for yourselves.

From the quick glance I took at the tick Jeremy had in his hand in the toilet paper I am pretty sure in saying that it was a dog tick. When you click on a picture of the one you think you found it gives you a list of diseases that it carries and when it is most abundant. Dog ticks can carry Rocky Mountain Fever and something called Tularemia. It says to seek medical treatment if you’ve been bitten by any tick.

Seth found no more on himself and we checked Keira’s room to be sure and the hallway – and the living room. None to be found. He wasn’t bitten because well – he wouldn’t have pulled it out head and all if it had. Want to hear a nasty story? The night before our wedding my brother (who walked me down the aisle) went camping with one of his buddies and ended up falling asleep outside. Sometime during the night he went inside and fell back asleep. When he got up the next morning and went home to get in the shower he noticed all the spots on his arms, legs and other areas. Upon closer inspection – they were all TICKS. My SIL Crystal – Lord love her – helped him pick all of them out with tweezers and he came to the wedding before going to the doctor about it. At least – I remember him going to the doctor afterwards.

Anyway – I hate ticks. That’s our story from last night – and Johnathan’s weird story. Do you have any tick stories?


4 thoughts on “I’d Sure Not Like To

  1. The house we used to live in has some woods beside it and Michael would play in them. One day he came in and said his ear hurt. I thought maybe he had an ear infection or something but no it was a tick! In his ear! I got it out but it had already bitten him. Then he started feeling sick so I took him to the doctor. They said he had early symptoms of Lyme Disease! I was mortified. Thank God it was early and they gave him medication that fixed it. Ya ticks creep me out too 😦

    • That’s awful!!! I am so glad Seth didn’t get bitten by it. I explained to him later that ticks are the exact reason I don’t want him rolling around in the grass like he does. I don’t think he will do it anymore. Glad Michael was okay. I don’t know what I would have done – freaked out probably and Jeremy would have had to deal with it. lol

  2. I’ve been bitten by approximately 1 zillion ticks. :^) And I’ve never caught anything from them. The bites itch, and then they go away. The key is not to panic.

    • I didn’t really freak out or anything. Jeremy was like “It’s a tick.” Then went and got toilet paper, picked it up and threw it in the toilet and flushed it. I just wanted to make sure that there weren’t any in Keira’s room. I remember having fleas on me when I was little but never any ticks. If I did – I don’t want to know about it. 🙂 lol

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