I can’t do it…

(Unlocks the padlock keeping my mouth shut)….

You know when someone says they will do something – and then they don’t? That TOTALLY pisses me off.

My friend is a good friend – when they want to be, when it’s something THEY want. If it’s not something they want to do – then it won’t be done – end of story.

Continuing on….this summer will be tight on us as far as money wise. Keira and Seth’s daycare will be $215 a week (for the both of them). On top of that Seth has around $65 in field trips and then every Tuesday it’s $4 for the pool (which ends up being about another $48 for the summer).

My SIL might be able to watch Keira a day or two during the week and that could save us between $25 – $50 a week. I would prefer Keira to stay at daycare or with Crystal (my SIL) and nowhere else. Not because of any certain reason – I just feel more comfortable Keira being with those people.

I can’t tell you how much I am waiting on January to get here. Jeremy’s step mom (who is AWESOME) will be retiring that month and she said she wanted to keep Keira during the week. YEA US! Do you know that will save us at least $500 a MONTH. That money could go towards bills or fixing up the house or even – a car payment.

I so wish she was off during the summer and could watch her. She loves her Granmaw Mary and Big Daddy. She squeals when I mention their names and gets so excited to see them. She doesn’t really do that to anyone else but us and Johnathan and Crystal. I guess that’s cause no one else see’s her as much as we do.

Have a nice day (while I sit here and try to figure out my bills for the summer and get totally stressed out)….smh…..



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