Yeah Buddy….

I love this Strava app….did I tell you that already? I can also log into it on the computer and sign up for challenges and that sort of thing. I haven’t done that yet though.

Tuesday and Wednesday I went walking/hiking with my SIL Crystal. Yeah it was supposed to be run but honestly – I didn’t feel ready. I mean – it’s not like you can just start back up where you left off about a year ago – especially since having a baby. At least – I don’t think so. Please don’t tell me if I’m wrong. 😀

Tuesday it was 90 degrees – HOT and humid. The norm here in the south. There was only one or two people on the trail and we fought bugs the whole time. Here’s why I LOVE Strava. We walked/hiked 2.1 miles. Elevation change was 146 feet and we did it in 39:10 with an average pace of 18:4 and it tells me all that on the app on my phone.

The app itself doesn’t give you lots of info when your done besides the above BUT if you go online and check it out you can check your elevation and your speed against each other. I think that’s pretty neat. You can also add which shoes you wore because once your running shoes get so many miles on them your supposed to buy new ones. I’ve had mine for two years so who knows. Oh and it not only gives you your average pace but it also breaks down your pace for each mile too. Our first mile was 19:04 and our second was 18:09.

On Wednesday it was 92 degrees (according to my Honda) and we walked/hiked 2.9 miles. Elevation change was 208 feet and we did it in 59:32 and our average pace was 19:03. We were a little slower yesterday – I think it was because we talked more and Crystal had went to the gym and ran about five miles on a treadmill before we met up.

You can also join “clubs” but the only one around here anywhere close is called Chattanooga UltraRunners and it’s one chick from Signal Mountain. Her pace for a 3 mile run is 10:03. She makes me look like poop. She’s even done a 30 miler….gotta give that girl some props to keep her 10 minute pace!

See – I want to be that chick. I want to say “I can do that” but it will take a WHILE to get to that point – if I can even GET to that point. HA! Just for kicks – on our trip I am going to turn on Strava while at Dollywood and see how much we walk. I can’t wait to see that one.

At least I’m doing it – I wanted to start going twice a week and I’ve already done it this week. I am going to try to go tonight around the ‘hood (the subdivision) and get in bed before 10pm for once. Maybe….


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