I’m Doing It…

Gosh guys – not that! 😀

I’m going trail running (or attempting to) today. It’s been so long who knows if I can even get more than a slight jog out of myself.

My SIL is going with me and we need to be done by five so she can go to spin class. Plus I still have to pick up Keira and Seth and get home to fix dinner. Which tonight – is spinach and ricotta gnocchi. YUM! I downloaded Strava on my phone. It’s a running app. It’s awesome.

I don’t need my poorly working Nike+ band (sorry Nike, I really wanted to love you). AND – I don’t have to buy one of those fancy GPS watches that cost $100+ bucks cause it uses my phones GPS. There are several trails around here marked by other users but none in the battlefield. That’s exactly where I like to go – so – I guess I will mark my own trails!

Tomorrow I plan on going again. If I can’t go tomorrow then I will go Thursday – dinner that night is crock pot Italian chicken sandwiches. So I won’t have to rush home and cook. I want to at least start going twice a week. Maybe later up that to three times a week.

Does anyone run at night? Like after the kiddos go to bed? I have to be up at five a.m. every weekday and I was thinking about doing a run on a Friday night. Would that mess with me and my sleeping patterns or anything? Just wondering if anyone knows! Thanks!

xo – Jane


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