Yes – Moola is another word for money BUT it is also an app in the Android Market on your phone or other electronic device (like my awesome Kindle Fire).

The full name for the app is Moola Personal Finance and it is $7.99 in the App Store (it could change I guess). Now I am lucky enough that on my Kindle in the App section when I hit the “Store” button it shows me Amazon’s free app for the day. It was one day this past week or so that Moola was free!

Don’t think that this app will do everything for you…you have to input your account with a beginning balance (not account numbers!!) and then do your own receipts and deposits. It’s like a regular check book register BUT digital. You still have to put everything in yourself but what I love about this (and the reason that I downloaded this in the first place) is that it maps out your trends.

There is a little button at the top that you can click on that maps your trends as far as fast food, groceries, bills, kids etc. That’s what I LOVE. I found that this past week I’ve spent most my money on groceries and (gasp!) fast food. Our “fast food” is Subway and Arby’s (the market sandwiches). Which makes me rethink what I do for lunch.

I use this along with my actual check book register just so I can see the trends. I did not get paid for this awesome review of Moola just so you know! If you want to track where you spend your money – spend just a little (under $10 ) and get this app!!!


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