Shot Reactions

Yesterday my SIL Crystal kept Keira. She did not want to eat her cereal yesterday morning and was fussy and really slept almost all day Crystal said. Heck – I would too if I got three shots and an oral vaccine.

I’d given Keira Tylenol because she felt warm – even her little feet – and dropped her off. I told Crystal to keep an eye or rather hand on her every once in a while to see if she needed more Tylenol. The places where she got her shots were a little red as expected but the one on her left leg (where she got two shots) was REALLY RED and had about a half an inch, straw width red line coming from it. So – I called her doctor’s office.

It was hot to the touch but she didn’t seem to really mind it. She is already on antibiotics for the slight right ear infection she has. The nurse at her doctor’s office said to put an ice pack on it and massage it and that I could up her Tylenol dosage to 2.5 ml instead of 1.25 because of her increase in weight. She also said that I should get a pen and trace around the red parts and watch it to see if it gets bigger. If it did – that a sign of infection.


So off we went to get Seth from school and head home. I marked off her little red area and got an ice pack on it while we sat on the couch together for a bit. She didn’t like me rubbing it but she didn’t mind the cold pack. After a while it started to not look so red. I gave her some more Tylenol because she felt warm – and I checked her temp. after about an hour. It was only 99.5 which isn’t considered high for a baby and she was laughing and talking – it was also time for her bath.

She has so much hair it’s ridiculous. It takes forever to get the shampoo out of her hair. She was still happy and playing and talking up a storm. I checked her leg again…the redness hadn’t spread and part of it seemed to actually be going away. I dressed her and fed her and put her to bed in her crib – then I remembered her antibiotics! I got the medicine ready and worried about waking her up to give it to her. I slipped in her room, gently rolled her over onto her back and started to give it to her. She took it and didn’t wake up once! I rolled her back over and patted her on the butt for a minute and she was fine! AWESOME!

This morning I gave her antibiotics after she ate and checked her legs again. She wasn’t warm at all – head, legs or feet – and the redness had really went away and hadn’t spread. Thank goodness! This means that it isn’t an infection and just a bad reaction to the shots she received. I hope that at her 6 month appointment the same thing doesn’t happen.

I went to the store last night and bought a pallet of 4 oz. canning jars for her food – about 12 of them. I want to start making her food and didn’t want to buy plastic containers to put them in to thaw or to take to daycare or which ever. People may throw them away and I’m wary about heating up plastic containers of food in their small crock pot they keep on to warm bottles. Am I crazy? Maybe – but I’d much rather have her food in glass containers than in plastic ones to carry around. This way I won’t worry about the flimsy plastic lids coming off in her bag or anywhere else. I’m sure I am not the only one in the world who puts her child’s food in glass jars. Right???


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