I’m The Bad Guy

Yesterday we had BBQ for lunch at work – an employee appreciation/safety meeting about blood borne pathogens – and it was pretty good. One boss man left not long after and I had to leave at 1:30 to get Keira for her doctor’s appointment. So – instead of doing work me and other boss man talked about animals, muddying and our kids.

He has a son who turned five yesterday who came home the other day from daycare asking his mom if she knew what french kissing was. She turned and asked him what he thought it was and he said “It’s when you kiss someone like this….” Picture a five-year old sticking his tongue out and flailing it around. He said he was told what it was by a friend from school. I don’t even think my almost ten-year old knows what french kissing is – but I could be wrong.

Anyway – I left at 1:30 and got Keira. I had wanted them to feed her before I had to pick her up so she wouldn’t be hungry but they didn’t. So – I heated her bottle in their crock pot while I got everything together and put it in the car. Thank goodness my car is compact enough that I could reach back with my right arm and hold the bottle for her just enough (she’s starting to hold it on her own) to eat and still sit in my seat and drive. I’m sorry but I can’t handle her crying when she’s hungry. I can tell when she’s just grouchy and not wanting to be in her seat and when she’s hungry and I didn’t help her out for long – maybe four or five minutes because she was alright until we were almost there and she finished it in the parking garage and we weren’t late enough that they canceled the appointment. Yeah for us! It also makes me happy she’s starting to hold it on her own – but makes me sad at the same time. 😦

We sat in the waiting room for about 10 minutes before they called us back. They took us to our room and then weighed her – 12 pounds 6 ounces. Once back to the room they measured her – 24 3/4 inches long. She has grown about 2 1/2 inches in two months and gained about three pounds if I remember correctly. Then in came her doctor – who I like,  he’s nice – and she didn’t like him checking her pulse and listening to her chest. She stuck out her bottom lip and pouted. It’s cute and makes me smile but I feel bad at the same time.

He said that because of her sinuses/allergies she had a slight right ear infection so he gave us antibiotics for her. Once she had her shots I was to see him in his office for my “mom conference”. I love that they do this here. She got three shots this time instead of two and one oral vaccination. She did not like it and just looked at me as she screamed like “Why are you letting her do this?!?!?!” I felt horrible and told Jeremy that she thinks I’m the bad guy and that he’s the good guy cause he hasn’t been there for her shots. Of course that’s probably not true but that’s how I feel.

In my mom conference Keira’s doctor told me that she’s average percentile for her weight but above average for her height by about an inch. So she’s taller than most babies her age….hope that means she going to be tall!! I’m 5′-4″ so anything more than that is tall to me…  🙂   He also said that we needed to start giving her cereal once a day for the next month!! 😀 I didn’t mention that I’d given her apples this past weekend cause he said giving fruits first was a no-no. Eh – whoops!

He also said to start out with rice cereal but we had oatmeal cereal at home and I gave her some of that while Seth and I waited on dinner to be done. She loved it! Her doctor said to give her about 3-4 tablespoons mixed with breast milk once a day for a month then introduce yellow veggies for lunch. Like squash, carrots, sweet potatoes – in addition to her cereal after that first month. Once through all the yellow veggies he said to move on to green ones. THEN only after we are through all the veggies to give her fruits.

I’m excited that she can eat her first foods now!! We stocked up on Gerber organic foods when they were on sale at Target once. I want to start making our own and have several recipes but I really want this book:
We have a small food processor, a blender and a way to steam veggies and such. It’s only about $10 and then shipping so I will try to get this soon – before we run out of what we have stocked up in the cabinet. OH – and we are on the hunt for a “pantry” for our kitchen. Any ideas of where to look???


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