Hey Hey!

I’ve been away for a few days – not like away from the house or my city just – absent from reality I guess.

Sickness took over our house for the past two weeks. First it was me with my infection then Jeremy had a sinus infection. Once that went away he got ANOTHER sinus infection AND strep throat. I’ve never seen him so sick in the eleven years I’ve known him.

On top of that – Seth got sick Thursday when I picked him up from school…no temperature just throwing up. I then learned there was three cartons of milk involved before he went outside to play in 80+ degree weather. Needless to say he went to school the next day and he was fine. Now – he’s got bad allergies to where its running down the back of his throat and making it sore. Keira is congested too but I talked to her pediatrician and they said since she isn’t running a fever to just keep her nose suctioned out and use a solution to help clean it out. She has an appointment today anyway for her four-month check up.

Finally I think we are all getting better. We were invited to go to Six Flags this weekend and Jeremy’s awesome step mom volunteered to keep the kiddos. It’s supposed to rain (40% chance) so who knows if we will actually go.

On another note – I’ve jumped in to a possible good thing with a friend of mine. It’s going to start small but we will see where it goes. I promise I will have more information soon. Things should be getting off the ground by the end of next month. Lots of people thought I was going to say I’m preggo – nope. Not Here!!

Although Katie from Bower Power IS!!! Congratulations Katie!!! Your video made tear up at work! My little girl was born on Nov. 18th last year….can’t wait to see what you’re having!!!


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