I know it was in no way intentional – but I read something a friend posted on FB today and you know what? It made me feel like total utter crap. Like – I got crapped on by a bird then splashed by a car driving by then I got slushied like those kids from Glee and then tripped over a skateboard and then got peed on by a dog.


There are all these things I want to do in life (two are pretty important to me and I’m still working on them) – but for one reason or another I haven’t been able to do them as soon as I wanted. Again – I know said friend didn’t know what was said would make me feel like poop and I don’t blame them. Actually – I’m proud of said friend for making things happen in his/her life.

I mean – I do have kids so that kind of hinders the “let’s go get’em” attitude I have deep down. I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket and have it fall apart and leave my family/me with nothing. I have dreams and I have hopes and one day – hopefully in the next five years – they will come true. Heck – they may come true this year – who knows? Well – He (the big guy upstairs) does but no one else.

I finally dug myself out of the hole I’ve been in the past few days – said FB post made me fall back in a little but I’m already climbing out. I’ll be alright….




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