Lesson Learned

I had lots to do this weekend. Since on Sunday’s we go to church and try to be lazy I wanted to get it all done on Saturday. My SIL Crystal said she’d go with me.

So – Saturday morning Keira got up at seven – her normal time. Jeremy got up with us so he could see her before we left for the day and we ate some cereal for breakfast. Around 9:30 I left to get Crystal with Keira’s stroller in the back seat because it wouldn’t fit in the trunk with the speakers and the amp.

Once I pick up Crystal we head to a big consignment sale they have a few times a year at a local “mall”. I say “mall” because it houses a church (where the sale was), a motorcycle shop, an antique mall and a few small hole in the wall restaurants. I got Keira about seven or eight outfits for $30 (some were Ralph Lauren and Baby Gap) and Crystal got her five outfits and a bathing suit for around $20. Score for us! Keira was in her stroller the whole time we were in there and she was so good. She talked and played and pooped (had to change her in her stroller as they didn’t have a bathroom – wth??) and was really good overall.

This is her at the consignment sale. I sent this picture to Jeremy since he was chillin’ with Seth at the house and he said she looked confused. I just know she looked cute – even if she was confused by my silly voice trying to get her to smile.
OH! Before the consignment sale we went to see my brother (Crystal’s hubs) and my uncle where they work (Honda Power Sports). My uncle had never seen Keira except for on Facebook so he held her for a little bit. He was handing her back to me and she spit up ALL OVER his hand. It was hilarious!!

Um – where was I? Oh – after Honda it was the consignment sale then on to the mall! We hit up the MAC store, Pac Sun, Forever 21, American Eagle, Charlotte Russe, Charming Charlies and a few other places. I only bought a pair of pants from American Eagle – I can give Crystal back her jeans now. Crystal got some makeup from MAC and a shirt from American Eagle.

After the mall we hit up Michael’s Arts and Crafts for Jeremy a clock thing, Petsmart for Lilly’s (Crystal and Johnathan’s Yorkie) dog food and finally – Target. Their diapers are cheaper than Wal-Mart (180 for $32) and since I was out there I figured we might as well. I also got a shirt for $7.

As if that wasn’t enough….we still had to go grocery shopping. In Dalton. Now – if you know me you know where I live and how far away Dalton is from Chattanooga. We live about 20 minutes from Dalton and Crystal convinced me that the Kroger had better prices than Wal-Mart. I hate the Food Lion that’s close to us and the Bi-Lo doesn’t have the stuff we like. So – off we went to Dalton.

By now it’s about 4 pm and Keira was not a happy girl. She was crying in her car seat from Chattanooga to Ringgold (about 10 minutes). We pulled over (I had to get gas anyway) and I checked her butt – she was wet so I changed her. Then just to be sure I tried feeding her for 15 minutes in the car. She ate for maybe five minutes and laughed and smiled at me the rest of the time. So I put her back in her seat. She cried for a bit then fell asleep in the car.

Once at the Kroger I just took her in her car seat inside. About 20 minutes into the shopping trip she woke up and was crying. Nothing I could do would calm her down…so I tried to feed her AGAIN. This time she actually did eat – for 20 minutes. I carry a wrap/cover with me (Balboa Baby) so no one sees my goodies. I burped her and she was still fussing so I switched her to the other side and she ate for about 10 minutes then fell asleep.

We were checking out by now and I burped her again and a really nice girl helped us out to the car and helped Crystal shove all our groceries in the trunk (we both got groceries for the week). As soon as Keira’s butt touched that car seat – she was crying. She cried all the way from Dalton to Chickamauga. I checked her too before we left and she wasn’t wet. I started to cry because no matter what Crystal did to try to calm her down she just wasn’t having it. She was OVER being in that car seat.

Once to Johnathan and Crystal’s I got her out and checked her – she had just peed because it was still warm – and to calm her down I let her nurse. All she did was comfort nurse but that was totally fine with me. I stayed for about 30 minutes and I had to go or what I got at the store would be getting warm in the car. She fussed for maybe five minutes in the car and fell asleep.

So – what did me and Crystal learn? Keira will not tolerate an all day shopping extravaganza. I wonder if her car seat were more comfy if she’d be alright with it though. The next day after leaving church she did the same thing – fussed the whole time on the way to exchange the clock part for Jeremy (it was the wrong size). Crystal said she remembered from yesterday.

In May we are going to the Smokies and that is about a two or three hour trip. Hopefully by then she will have out grown her car seat and need to be in a convertible one which I think would be more comfortable but we will see….


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