They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I surely agree BUT I am not a breakfast person – unless it’s a Saturday and I’m cooking or a Sunday and I make a run for Hardee’s. My favorite way to eat breakfast? For dinner – at Cracker Barrel. You can’t beat a Cracker Barrel breakfast plate – they are just amazing!!

Anyway – I started back to work on the 13th of this month. The first few days I forgot breakfast (and lunch) because I wasn’t used to packing it. I had been out of work for three months with Keira. So one morning I stopped at the gas station and got some Special K fruit crisps then another morning I stopped at Panera Bread and got a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and a fruit smoothie. YUM!

Well I then got back into the habit of fixing myself and instant breakfast from Carnation. I like the vanilla flavor – the chocolate kind just tastes gross (Ovaltine is better if you want chocolate). All of that sounds great in my opinion for breakfast. I bring along water and something for lunch – either leftovers from last night or a sandwich. The past few days though we haven’t had any milk in the house (Jeremy and Seth drank it with Ovaltine or over ice cream – well me too on the ice cream part) so I haven’t been able to fix myself any instant breakfast. I have frozen yogurt and fruit for smoothies but no juice either and since no milk I can’t fix myself one of those either.

So Monday and Tuesday all I was able to think to grab for breakfast was a pop tart. Not the best thing in the world but it’s something right? I mean – a girl has to eat! So yesterday I’m sitting at my desk reading Bower Power’s blog and snacking on my pop tart on one of my two ten minute breaks and in walks one of the company counselors. They work on business problems – not people problems. He’s here for a few minutes and then upon his leaving he says “You should eat something better than that for your baby.”

FYI – he’s the guy I had to talk to get new blinds and a lock on my door for my pumping purposes at work – that’s why he knows I breastfeed.

Still – I was like “Yeah I know but I didn’t have time to grab anything else” when I was actually thinking “Why do you have the right to tell me what to eat?” I know a pop tart isn’t the best thing in the world for breakfast but at least I am not starving myself until lunch. I thought about what else I could have said to him for a while – then I got over it and starting thinking about ways I could make on the go breakfasts at home and not have to worry about finding something in the mornings.

Then I had a thought. You know those little canning jars they sell for jams and jellies at the store? Why couldn’t I get some of those and fill them with yogurt and fruit at the beginning of the week? Strawberries are my favorite (I hated them until I got pregnant with Keira). Maybe find some granola to throw in there too. I hearted lots of things on Foodgawker and I plan on implementing them soon and since I am trying to take more pictures – I will let you know what I do!


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