Oh Canon…

About two years ago we bought one of those fancy shmancy cameras from Best Buy. Our little digital point and shoot camera was acting up and the battery kept dying and Best Buy was having a sale – and we got our income tax back. Yeah – I convinced Jeremy we needed it.

You know what makes me sad? That I never really learned how to use it. Oh we tried….believe me we tried. We watched YouTube videos, I read Taylor’s blog posts about how to use a camera like this on his blog – Taylor Takes A Taste – and I still couldn’t figure it out. (I need to add him to my favorite blogs page! Sorry Taylor!) Yes – I am one of those lame people with a fancy camera that puts it on AUTO. I give you permission to smack me.

We took pictures the last time with it when we had our reveal party about what our baby would be. Heck I am not even the one that used it – Hunter did. I take that back. We used it for Christmas this year – to video everything.

The reason I am posting about our camera is because today I read Katie Bower’s blog post over on Bower Power. She talked about the things her family did in January and posted pictures of little Will and Jeremy, her in-laws and herself. Little Will is adorable but not as cute as my Keira.

Anyway – reading her post I realized that I haven’t taken the first picture of Keira with our camera. I have plenty on my cell phone but none actually on the camera. I still have to organize our family pictures (yeah that big box is STILL sitting in the living room) and print out pictures that we don’t have hard copies of yet.

Keira is already three months old….Seth will be ten next month and Jeremy went back to school a few weeks ago. I have gone back to work and had to send Keira to daycare. Jeremy sees us when he comes in from work at night but by that time she’s already asleep and we leave before he wakes up. He misses a lot and reading Katie’s post today made me realize that I probably should be taking pictures of the kids as much as I can. Even if all of them don’t turn out great or perfect it won’t matter – they won’t be this little forever!


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