More Ounces

Thursday I went to Nutrition World and asked what I could do to boost my  milk supply. They showed me two options – Mother’s Milk Tea and Fenugreek.

I haven’t tried the tea yet – Saturday was a lazy day and Sunday – well I was sick all day Sunday and I still am. BUT – the moment I got in the car from buying the Fenugreek I took one. It says to take two capsules two to four times a day with a meal or a glass of water. One side effect of taking Fenugreek – your bodily fluids smell like maple syrup. Seriously. I wanted pancakes all day Friday!

This was my output by day last week. Monday – 8 oz. Tuesday – 9 oz. Wednesday – 10 oz. Thursday – 11 oz. Friday (after taking TWO pills on Thursday and ONE Friday morning) – 12 oz. Today is Monday and I have taken only one today and I’ve pumped three times today and I’ve gotten 10 oz. I will pump two more times while I am at work so I think I should get 14 oz. total today. I get a lot more in the morning (5 oz. at 7am today) and it goes down from there to two ounces every time I pump. The second time I pumped today I got three ounces. Third time two.

I made bottles for Keira today for daycare and I already started getting into what I pumped last week. I’m afraid that I won’t make enough for the rest of this week and that I will have to start supplementing. I really hope that this Fenugreek works. Keira goes to bed around nine so after she goes to bed – no matter how tired I am – I will pump. Jeremy gets home two hours later so I will probably have him get me up and I’ll pump again.

I did try pumping Friday after she had eaten but I only got an ounce and a half and I didn’t want to throw it out so I put it in a bag in the freezer just like all the others. I feel like breast milk is liquid gold – spilling any or throwing out any pains me!!

We do have some formula at the house that was sent to us from Similac and another brand. They are like full size containers. One I took to my sister in law’s house just in case she ran out of bottles over there. She hasn’t had to use it yet and I hope she won’t have too. I guess we will see soon though.

Keira also has a doctor’s appointment this Thursday with a pediatric cardiologist. She has to have an echo and an EKG (I think that’s what they are anyway). She was born with a hole in her heart – between the two chambers. They said that it wasn’t anything serious but they wanted to keep an eye on it. If it didn’t heal on its own they’d have to go in and fix it. Last doctor’s visit he said he could hardly hear it – which is a good thing. I guess we will find out Thursday. Wish us luck!


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