Nutrition World

Off I go….

The most I have pumped at work this week is 12 oz. That has increased from the 10 oz. I got on Monday. I’ve visualized that it’s her eating. Looked at pictures of her and nothing’s helped. I’ve even debated on setting an alarm on my phone or just getting Jeremy to wake me up when he gets home to pump just so I have an extra session a day.

I take five bottles for her every day to daycare and right now I am putting between 3 1/2 to 4 ounces in each one. She’s drinking all of it most of the time so soon I will have to up it. So based on that – I am not making nearly enough for one day of daycare in a few weeks.

My stash in the freezer is going down fast and I’m nervous. I don’t want to have to give her formula UNLESS it’s a last resort. Not bashing the FFM’s (formula feeding mom’s) out there but I really want to be able to give Keira breast milk until she’s a year old.

Fenugreek or anything else I can take to up my supply will be my first stop – if that doesn’t work and I exhaust all other options then I guess I will just have to supplement with formula. Wish me luck today on my quest to find some fenugreek at Nutrition World!!


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