If you’ve never been on a pregnancy/birth board then you might not know what that means. If you do know, you earn a high-five! (Insert virtual high-five here.)

Monday was Keira’s first day of daycare – I cried. Then I worried because the whole eight hours I was at work I only pumped 10 ounces. I walked into the daycare at around 3:40 p.m. and she was sitting in a bouncy seat just chillin’ watching another baby jump around in an exersaucer (however that is spelled). She had only taken three naps – two ten minute ones and one hour-long one. She had eaten four of her five bottles I had brought and the last one was 30 minutes before.

Now – I have given her a bottle and so has Jeremy, Granmaw (Jeremy’s Step Mom) and Grandmomma (Jeremy’s Mom) and Crystal (my sister-in-law). I don’t think any of us – besides Granmaw – has ever been able to get her to drink ALL of the bottle. Well – Jeremy once too. Anyway – I put four ounces in each of her five bottles and you know what? She drank all of it from each of the four she took that day.

I nurse her when I can so at home she doesn’t get bottles and rarely on weekends does she get one. She will get one if we really need to go and she’s hungry (like a doctor appointment) and if we will be late for church. I don’t care to nurse her in public – I have a wrap I bought from Babies R Us. It’s bright yellow.

Continuing – she even went to a three-hour stretch. The most I’ve ever got her is 2 1/2 so I was proud of her. Remember – she ate at 3:15. I had to get Seth from school – we got there at 4:30 so it had been an hour and fifteen minutes. We get home and make Jeremy some coffee and have to take it to him at work by the time we get ready to go it’s 5:15 and I think she’s hungry. It’s been two hours – so I let her nurse for about 10 minutes until she falls asleep and we go. I drop Jeremy’s coffee off – we sit and talk for a bit and then it’s on to Wal-Mart.

I like our Wal-Mart – it’s quiet. Not a lot of people running around. Guess it’s cause we live in the middle of no where. By the time we get home it’s 7 and she’s not fussing. It’s been an hour and forty-five minutes. I get dinner done at 7:30 and we eat until 8 p.m. and she still isn’t fussing (two hours and forty-five minutes). She needs a bath but I need to clean the tub and take a shower myself. Seth watches her and I’m done by 8:20. She’s still not fussing.

By 8:45 she’s had her bath and is eating. She eats for 30 minutes and is passed out. Three and a half hours without fussing once. Never has she ever gone that long and not fussed. Anyone else?? Is this normal?? Seth didn’t do this kind of thing as far as I can remember.

We went to bed at 9:30 and I debated on staying up and reading but went to bed expecting to hear her in a few hours. Jeremy came in from work and she was still just sleeping away so I went back to bed. I hear her stirring and she can’t get comfortable so I get her up and change her and start to feed her on the way back to the bedroom. I get there and get my glasses on and look at the clock on my phone – 3:45 a.m. I get up in an hour. She slept six hours straight. WOW.

So I wondered – is this the start of her STTN? (Sleeping Through The Night). To me – that is sleeping through the night. I get a good solid six hours and then maybe another hour depending on if I can go back to sleep when she’s done. Seth didn’t sleep through the night until he was around a year old.

She’s such a good baby. She’s a happy baby most the time too – she smiles at her daycare teachers practically the whole time I’m there putting her stuff up.

When did your baby start sleeping through the night? I heard French baby’s sleep through the night by the time they are two months old. I saw it on the Today Show once a few weeks ago. You should check out that interview….


2 thoughts on “STTN

    • lol I thought that too. Even breastfeeding mom’s drink a glass of red wine a day. I couldn’t justify doing that though! She’s STTN for the past two night too in a seven hour stretch – yeah for me!

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