Back At It

Today is my first day back to work. You have no idea how weird it feels to be back here after being gone for three months. I am beyond glad that they let me take three months because I would have been much worse leaving Keira at daycare at a month and a half old.

I stayed for about five minutes with her after dropping her off this morning. She was smiling at the teacher (Teresa) and was still content to sit in her car seat. I explained about her bottles, flat part of the nipple goes down, and that if she ran out of milk I was just five minutes away and could bring more. I took five bottles. I have already pumped at work once because she would usually eat at around 7:15 and I started to hurt. I brought in her bag and her diapers and her wipes. I paid for this week of daycare. I talked to her for a minute, blew her a kiss and she smiled and I left.

I told myself I wouldn’t cry in the car and I was okay for a few minutes….but I did cry. Just a little. I am trying not to now just talking about leaving her there. I know she will be okay but still…I left her there happy and I am going to tell myself that she will be happy all day. Wednesday and Friday she will be staying with her Aunt Crystal so I can get emailed photos and updates all day. I think I will be a lot better on those days.

Being my first day back and all one of the guys in the shop who is known for his bbq brought some today as a “Welcome Back Jane” luncheon. All of them thought that Keira was just so cute and her hair was of course the main topic this morning when I was showing everyone her picture. I have been at work for two hours and haven’t called the day care yet – but I will soon. I figured it up and I need to pump 20 ounces a day to keep up with what she should be drinking at day care. So far this morning I’ve only pumped 4 ounces. Which sucks cause like in December I could get like almost 8 ounces each time I pumped. Plus – I think something is up with my right side. Only got an ounce out of it and three from the left.

Has anyone tried the fenugreek pills? I might need to start taking those. Oh – and I called the daycare. They said that she’s been doing just fine and that they were trying to get her to take the rest of her bottle. I guess she’s on her second one already. Hm…guess we will see if they call me for more milk!!


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