I have tried to bluetooth a recent picture of Keira to the computer but it won’t do it for some reason.

This morning she ate for 15 minutes on only one side – the whole time she sounded like she was snoring – I thought it was just because she was that hungry. Later (about 15 minutes later) she spit up a bit. Not a lot. It got in her hair. I wiped it out and put some baby powder in her hair so she wouldn’t smell like spit up. I just gave her a bath last night and didn’t want to wash her again just because she got a little spit up in her hair.

About 15 minutes after that I was sitting on the couch with her. She was sitting in her bobby while I put my phone back together (long story – not interesting) and she spit up again. Oh – this is after a big spit up that I did end up washing her hair because of. She hardly ever does this. Anyway – I’m sitting there talking to her after getting my phone back together and she spits up again (4th time now). Except this time it’s not just breast milk – there is snot in there.

I wondered if what I was seeing was actually snot, boogers what ever you want to call it. I looked and looked (nice right?) and finally determined that it was snot. I mean – it what it looks like when I blow my nose. Sorry if it’s gross! đŸ™‚ So I called her doctor’s office and the nurse called me back in like 10 minutes (awesome people) and she asked if Keira had a fever or was overly fussy. No and no. Belly soft? Yep. Eating good and as often as she should? Yep and yep – we are getting to 2 1/2 hours yeah us!! So they say that since she doesn’t have a fever that it isn’t really anything to worry about but if it continues for the next few days they will have to take a look at her.

She does have boogers….I try to get them. Jeremy thinks it weird. đŸ™‚ I wonder if she has allergy issues like Seth and Jeremy do. I doubt they would give a baby allergy shots though – would they? Ugh! I can’t imagine going through that with her at this age. It was bad enough with Seth when he was seven or eight. Since he changed schools there isn’t any where around here that will give him his allergy shots and the place closest would be closed by the time I got him from school and got back. So – he’s just taking his allergy medicine now. Hopefully this year won’t be so bad on him since he has had two years worth of shots.

Anybody else ever had snot/boogers in your baby’s spit up?


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