Hot Dang! (Day 236)

First post in a while I know…might be the last one for a while (haha). Who knows.

I was given a pump – a First Years Soothie – I had never heard of it before and a friend of mine had never even seen it before. Anyway – it worked for a few days and I would get about four ounces in like FIVE minutes.  Then it started to not work. The suction on the left side started to not work. The only way I could get any milk to pump at all was to take off the left side bottle and hold my finger over the hole where the suction is and THEN the right side would pump. It took twice as long to pump and then I would only get about two ounces total. That’s when I started asking around about which pumps were the best. Most recommended: Medela.

A friend mentioned searching Ebay for one – so today I did. Jeremy was here with me to look and about an hour before he had to go to work we found a Medela Double Electric Pump with everything and the cooler pack. It was the shoulder bag one – can’t remember the exact name of it. Anyway – there was only three bids on it when we started watching it. There was seven minutes left when Jeremy made our first bid. I’ve never bought anything on Ebay but he has so he knew what he was doing. We were winning until about 30 seconds before it was over then he put in our last bid of $70 and we WON.

AWESOME! With $20 in shipping costs from Massachusetts it ended up being $89.95. YEAH US!! I couldn’t believe it. It says it will ship in about three days so I should get it next week. I pray that it works great. The girl said that it sat in her closet and was opened but she never used it. Plus the one I wanted from Target was $80 so we only spent another $10 for one that comes highly recommended.

I am still learning about this whole breastfeeding thing. She eats on both sides for about 15-20 minutes but I LEAK about an ounce on which ever side she isn’t eating on. So – I collect it and either store it in the fridge or put it in a bottle because most the time – she’s still hungry. I’m not sure if she’s just not getting enough from me or what – she comes off on her own on each side but after the second side – five minutes later she wants more. I either move her back to the other side or just give her what I collected in the bottle.

So far there has been no confusion from her about which is the bottle and which is me – thank goodness. I also found out that I can collect the milk that I leak in the shields that I have to wear. Sometimes – within the hour if she’s eating – I can collect about four or five ounces. I am so glad that I can because I felt horrible throwing it out before. Now – I have a pretty good stock pile of milk in the freezer even without pumping.

So – just a little update about what’s going on. If you breastfeed and pump for whatever reason – what pump do you use? Oh and here is one of Keira’s pictures we got from the hospital – and that’s my amazing hubby Jeremy. Again – pictures don’t do the girl justice!!


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