Training (Day 234)

Training the new girl is going pretty well. She learns by doing so I’ve just kind of sat back the past two days and watched her. Monday she watched me and she’s getting the hang of it pretty well.

Today I have a doctor’s appointment. I must have another ultrasound to check her weight – Friday she was 6 pounds 5 ounces – so I doubt that’s she’s gained a lot since then. They will check my blood pressure and stuff as always. Last Friday it was 143/93 or something like that. My protein count was +2 which has gone up in the past two weeks. There is a 99% chance that I will schedule my induction for this Friday – November 18th.

It is so NOT what I wanted but since there is a definite possibility of putting my health and hers at risk with my toxemia getting worse – we decided to not risk it and go ahead with what the doctors recommended. Today there will not be a weekly update. I am telling you right now – after Friday there won’t be many updates from me for at least a week (posts rather). I am sure you can understand why. I will make time to post to my Twitter and my Facebook if you follow me at either place. Although I haven’t figured out how to put text with pictures on Twitter – I just can’t figure it out for some reason. So if there is a picture – I will post a description after.

I will however – tonight or Thursday – make a post about when my induction is on Friday and how everything went at the doctor’s appointment this evening. So stay tuned and wish me luck.

xo – S.J.



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