RunStar (Day 233)

Since I got to looking for a calorie counter I wondered if there was a running/walking app available for download. Sure enough – there WAS!

It’s called RunStar and you can download the full version for a few bucks ($5 to be exact) and then it will let you do treadmill run, distance run and a timed run. In the free version there is – duh – free run. I used it for the first time Sunday evening. You have to enable the GPS on your phone for the app to work. Once you start a “run” or a “walk” it will find you by GPS and then tell you can start your run/walk.

It keeps up with your pace and distance. It also maps out where you are walking/running using Google maps. Once you’re done it keeps up with how many miles you’ve done in the month, the year and all time. It also automatically makes a “goal” for you. Mine says to do 13 miles in November. Since walking our neighborhood is exactly a mile – my goal now says I should do 12 miles this month. You can of course change it if you want to.

Since the app uses your phones GPS it can keep up with your speed and the elevation that you do. So neat! I love this app! Now – last year when Crystal and I got into going to the park to run I bought a Nike+ band. I thought it was great – it was off – A LOT and it didn’t keep up with much except time and distance. Plus – like I said – it was always off. The other day when I used it (before I found this app) it said I had only walked .04 miles when it was actually 1.5 miles.

Since I have found this app I am thinking about selling the Nike+ band. Anyone interested? It’s pink! I still have the case in the closet too. I might just invest my $5 and upgrade to the full version of the app – but we will see. I think with this app and the calorie counter one – I am on my way to a healthier lifestyle! 🙂

xo – S.J.


2 thoughts on “RunStar (Day 233)

  1. Gah don’t you find it annoying to take your phone with you though? I hate having anything in pockets and avoid it as much as possible. Gels are pretty much my only exception. I have the Nike+ thing as well and I love it! I strap my nano on and can forget about it. Best $40 ever spent.

    I’ve started a blog recently about running and I’m looking for feedback. Hoping to inspire or just make fellow runners laugh. Check it out if you’ve got a minute:

    • It is kind of annoying but for right now I can deal with it. I am sure that later when it gets warmer and I am out more that I will buy an arm band that my phone works with. Its a Samsung Galaxy S. I plan on getting out A LOT more when it gets warmer and I hope I can find a jogging stroller by then so I can take Keira with me. Thanks for checking out the blog! Keep coming back! 🙂

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