Counting Calories (Day 232)

I must say – I have enjoyed having a Smart Phone or an Android phone if you will. There are all kinds of free apps and things you can download. We have AT&T so when we are linked up to a WiFi connection – our internet usage is FREE and since we use WiFi at home – we constantly download apps (free ones) to our phones. Jeremy more than me but that’s okay. I will download something and use it for a few days and then uninstall it because I don’t find it useful any more.

Since I will be having Keira soon – I know I will start having to watch what I eat (I already do but just more so) since I will be nursing. I know that I need a few hundred more calories a day since I will be nursing and I don’t want to just eat junk. I want to start trying to eat more fruits and veggies and be aware of what all I am putting in my body. Anything that can go into my blood stream can go to her.

So – I got to searching on my phone and I found this app called “Calorie Counter” which was free to download. When you open the program for the first time it asks you if you are male or female (duh) and if you want to use pounds/feet or kilos/centimeters. Of course I clicked pounds/feet. Next it asks you to put in your current weight. I won’t tell you what I put in. Next you put in your goal weight. I want to get back to 120 pounds like I was seven or eight years ago.

After that it asks you your height (5′-4″ for me) and then your birthday. After that is your level of activity a day. Sedentary, low active, active or very active. I picked low active cause I will be up more since Keira is coming soon (probably be more like “active”). It then asks you your diet goal. If you want to gain weight, have slow weight gain, maintain weight, slow weight loss and just weight loss.

I am going to put slow weight loss even though I know I will lose a lot just after Keira is born (her weight, water weight, placenta etc.). You then pick your country and make an account (if you want). I didn’t make one. It then pulls up a screen and tells you what everything is you are looking at. There is a daily food diary, an exercise diary, weight tracker, and then you can also search for food by restaurants (SO AWESOME) or you can scan the bar code on something and put in how many servings you are eating. I haven’t found ONE thing that isn’t in this program. Of course – if I make something myself like I have been lately – I don’t always know the calorie count so I try to find the individual ingredients and add them separately. I know that seems like it would take forever (and it does sometimes) BUT you know just what you are getting.

You can also look up recipes on here and add them if you want. It really helps you keep up with how many calories you take in a day and it has made me very aware of what can be good for you and what can be bad for you. For example – Jeremy and I hit up Dunkin Donuts the other day and they serve breakfast all day. I originally wanted a blueberry muffin. I search by restaurant and then clicked muffins and found the blueberry muffin. It has 500 CALORIES in it with 16gs of fat with 83 carbs and 48gs of sugar. Based on a regular “diet” that one muffin makes up 22% of your recommended daily intake.


So I went and looked at the blueberry bagel. Know what? It has 330 calories with 3gs of fat, 65 carbs and 10 grams of sugar and is only 14% of your recommended daily intake (2300 calories for slow weight loss). That made my decision easy peasy. I got the blueberry bagel! Plus they toast it so it’s all warm and delicious. You can also go in the app and look up cream cheese from Dunkin Donuts and add that to the bagel if you wanted.

I don’t use it every day like I should but I try to. I realized that a lot of the things I thought would be good for you (like a salad from Applebee’s) aren’t really. (The chicken breast covered in cheese was better as far as calories and fat content). Like I said – I am going to try to start eating at home more – making our own dinners and such so I will have to go through and find each individual ingredient and add it. You can save favorites to a certain place for quick adds.

So I think this will help me a lot in watching what I eat and keeping track of things.

Do you have a Smart Phone or an Android and use an app similar to this one?? Has it helped you?

xo – S.J.


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