Finally! Pinterest Challenge (Day 231)

Okay so really – it took me for. ever. to upload the pictures from my phone for my Pinterest Challenge. Sorry.

But finally I have them all!!

I chose to make a hair bow holder for Keira’s room. It’s not too amazingly hard to do. I just went to Wal-Mart (or you can go to Michael’s) and I got a letter that was about four inches tall – maybe six at the most. I of course bought the letter K. I already had pink paint which was called “Bright Pink”. I went to my mom – who I knew had a few glue guns to borrow one – and she told me I could keep the one she gave me! Yeah! 🙂 Next I had to find the ribbon I wanted to use. So I went to Wal-Mart again and I found this.
As you can see in the top left corner – my K is already painted. I think this ribbon was about $2 and I am sure I will find another use for it. I then I took the glue gun – after it heated up of course – and glued the bottom of the ribbon up so that no strings or anything would get pulled and make it fray.

Next I pulled out the length of ribbon I wanted and hot glued the other end to the back of the K. I thought about putting it down the middle but I just didn’t like the way it looked. I chose to put it down the first side of the K. Makes sense to me.
I had to get Jeremy to figure out how to put it on the wall. There was the two screw holes you can see in the above picture but we didn’t really want to put two holes in the wall for something that may eventually get moved. So – his solution – which worked out pretty well – was to put one flat head screw or nail in the wall and use the staple that was left in the K to hang it on. (See Below). It worked!!

After he got it where I wanted it I hung it up on the wall to see how it looked.
As you can see I hung it up between her changing table and the light switch. It’s a little longer than what I might have wanted but I am sure it will get full quickly. I already put the hair clips my mom got us on it. I like it – I just wish it was more secure to the wall BUT I may want to move it or I might find something else to hang there instead. Eh – I think it’s cute and it does it’s purpose!

I’m proud of myself!

I know it took a while – but there it is. Not amazing but I made it so it’s special. Yeah!

xo – S.J.


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