Family Outing (Day 227)

After having a blah day on Friday – Jeremy said he wanted to go out Saturday and have some fun. Sounded great to me! 😀 I am not the type of person to sit down and chill out all weekend. I have to do something. Although – lately that hasn’t been the case – Saturday’s I like lying around the house not doing anything but then Monday comes around and I realize there was clothes that should have been washed, folded and put away. The kitchen needed to be swept and mopped and the bathrooms needed to be cleaned. I then resort to either making Seth help during the week or being grouchy and doing it myself.

Anyway – some fun was needed – and deserved. I looked through our coupon book that runs out December 31st and didn’t really find anything. There were coupons to the aquarium but we didn’t really want to go downtown. We did however find some coupons for a local mini golf place. We could get eight free tokens – no purchase necessary and we had TWO of them. So off we went.

We went in and there were FOUR birthdays going on that day – So. Many. People. They were rude too. I got bumped into by the same lady like three times. She never even said sorry. We made our way to the counter and got our tokens. We gave Seth a handful and off he went. Jeremy and I played a round of ski ball each and then we played air hockey. In total Jeremy and I used about 4 tokens – Seth used the rest (that’s 12). We got a few tickets and he was able to get a few little toys.

The other coupons we had were buy two tokens for the batting cages and get one free – I of course can’t do that so Jeremy and Seth did. I was nervous to watch Seth in the batting cage. He’s never been in one as far as I know. They used the 50 mph baseball cage and I so feared that Seth would step outside the batters box and be hit – but he didn’t and he actually hit quite a few.

When that was said and done we did 18 holes of mini golf. Seth had to pick up the ball for me on every hole because – well – I can’t bend over to pick it up myself. I won by one point – Jeremy wanted a recount – it still came out the same. 🙂 We had an hour to kill before we were supposed to watch a movie so we went to a local park and walked a path they had just finished adding to. I think it was about a half a mile or so each way so a mile total. There were rose bushes along the path that still had blooms on them. It’s been low 30’s at night for a few nights this week and I was surprised to see them. They were frail and you could tell they would be gone soon but they were still pretty.

After our walk and Jeremy and Seth skipping rocks we went to our movie. We watched Puss In Boots 3D. Thank goodness they don’t have those crappy paper 3D glasses that have one lens one color and one lens another. These were actually like glasses and it was pretty good. I must say though when Puss would talk (Antonio Banderas) I couldn’t picture him – I could only picture Jack Black as Nacho Libre.  Don’t ask me why – I have no idea.

After the movie was over we headed home. We had planned on eating out but instead just picked up Taco Bell (not the best but it’s what my belly wanted) and once home we ate some left over Halloween candy and a few hours later went to bed after getting cleaned up.

All in all – it was a fun day. Seth enjoyed the batting cages (he was too small for the go carts) and I liked the fact that we all got to spend some much-needed time together. Things like that won’t happen for a while in a few weeks (maybe days). I’m glad we got at least one family outing in before she gets here.

Have you done any family outings lately??

xo – S.J.


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