Last Little Things (Day 225)

After my disappointing doctor’s appointment Friday – I went and picked up Seth and Jeff and off to the mall we went.

Our first stop – Target. I desperately needed nursing bras – regular and sleep ones. Preferably two of each kind so four total. How many did I end up getting? ONE. You know why? Cause they didn’t have my size! Also – asking Jeff to come along keeps him and Seth in other parts of the store until I’m done looking at bras.

I love Target for their clothes and usually their bra selection is AWESOME – for nursing bras – not so much. It was pretty much bare pickings. I managed to find two sleep nursing bras that were $16 and kind of my size. They don’t go by bra size technically. It’s either a small, medium, large, x-large or 2x large and below that size is the sizes that would fit in that sleep bra. These are the two they had in my size.







The one on the left says that it isn’t available in store (but it was) and the closest size they had to me was a 36 and not a 34 like I needed. The one on the right is available in store and it was on my registry. The size on these are like the small, medium and large so you had to look at the tag to see which size you needed. Me? 2X large….seriously. I need a 34 and my letters are two letters that are really close to a failing grade. Figure it out. NEVER in my life did I ever think I’d get to two letters in my bra size.

Anyway – moving on. I got the one on the right. It was cuter to me. I wore it to bed to see how it fit and felt and such and it’s pretty comfortable. I know that sleep bras aren’t supposed to have wires but I wish that this one did. The next morning when I changed I put it in the hospital bag to take with me. I have sleep bras now – they just aren’t nursing ones.

Next stop – Babies R Us. That should have been a given. Jeremy wanted me to get the valance for Keira’s room and I wasn’t really going to get anything else BUT I have like seven 20% of one item coupons that run out this month so I figured I’d use two and get something we needed. This is what I ended up leaving with.







The Cocalo Taffy window valance that matches her bedding and the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer. Both of these were on our registry. I highly recommend getting a Rewards Card because you get points each time you buy something at Babies R Us or Toys R Us and you get a gift card depending on how much you spent at the end of each month or something like that. Anyway – the valance ended up being around $20 after the 20% off coupon and the timer ended up being around the same with another 20% off coupon.

Jeremy put the valance up Sunday evening after we made a trip to Wal-Mart to buy a curtain rod. It looks great in her room. The timer I can already tell will be a life saver for us. The first button is for diaper changes – when you change the baby you push the button. It keeps up with how long it’s been since the last time you changed the baby, fed them, how long they have been asleep or awake and there is a fourth button that you can use for what ever. Like medicine or something like that. There is also a clock (which is the last number on the screen), a button for a night-light and a little switch down at the bottom for breastfeeding moms to remember if you last fed them on the left or the right.

I could write it down or use my phone but this just seems a lot better – for my OCDness anyway. Everything is in one spot and there is even a lock out feature so that you don’t accidentally push a button when you don’t mean too. There is also a clip on the back so you can carry it on your pants. I think it will be totally worth the $20 something bucks I spent for it.

After the Babies R Us trip we went into the mall. I headed for the Earthbound Trading Company and got the medium-sized giraffe and some bobby pins with feathers on them. Here is a picture of the giraffe in store.
I love it! It looks great in her room (which I was kind of skeptical about) but it matches her furniture and ties in the other giraffe’s in her room. We hung around the mall for a bit more and Jeff bought some things (Jeff is 17 by the way – at least 16 – I can’t remember). After that I had a craving for some cupcakes so we hit up Chattanooga Cupcakes and Jeff got a cappuccino cupcake for right then and me and Seth picked out a peanut butter and chocolate one and a lemon one for later. (I LOVE LEMON). We took them with us when we met Jeremy for dinner that night along with coffee from Dunkin Donuts and Chinese food from a place called Great Wall.

What. A. DAY. I wish I could remember to drive out to Chattanooga Cupcakes one day when they have Maraschino Madness (Tuesdays) or White Chocolate Wow (Thursdays). Just looking at them makes me want to go there NOW. OR someone reading this could be really awesome and go get me some that day and surprise me with one! 😀 That would make my day!

Besides what I got at the mall Friday – we are waiting on a vinyl of Keira’s name from a friend and I still need a pump, storage bags and cream. Oh – and a moby wrap and a play pen and a bassinet. None of those last three things are seriously needed – they are just seriously wanted. 🙂

xo – S.J.


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