37 Week Appointment Update (Day 224)

My appointment was later than usual on Friday. I will only see the midwife Anna or my regular OB Dr. Ashcraft. My OB alternates offices on Fridays so I had to see Anna. She doesn’t get there until 2pm so that’s when my appointment was.

I picked up Seth early from school since I knew I’d have to be going out to the mall for somethings and might not be back in time to get him from his after school program. Thankfully – my nephew Jeff was off work that day and could keep Seth while I went to my appointment. They were going to check me to see if I was dilated or anything and I didn’t want to have Seth sitting in the waiting room alone. Besides – he and Jeff could play basketball or video games while I was gone.

After dropping Seth off and visiting with my FIL Mike for a minute I went on to my appointment. It wasn’t long before I was called back and weighed and my blood pressure taken. It was high – just a little – 135/83 or something like that. Just a reminder it’s usually 117/70. I don’t know why it’s high every other visit. I think I just stress out about the appointments or something.

I didn’t even want to know how much I’d gained and didn’t look after she wrote it down. I am pretty sure though I’ve gained about 50 pounds. At least – according to my scale at home. At least 15 pounds of that (maybe 20) is seriously water weight. You should SEE my feet, ankles and calf’s. It’s ridiculous. I wasn’t gaining anything really until I started to swell – that’s the only reason I say that. I looked up somethings about losing water weight – that will be another post.

So after sitting what seemed like forever Anna came in. She started off with the bad news – I had protein in my sample. You girls should know what that means. She then checked out my mini elephant feet and didn’t say anything else. She checked me – NOTHING.

NOT 1 cm dilated not thinned out a tiny bit – NOTHING. She even said that Keira wasn’t even far enough down yet.

Seriously? UGH! She then said she wanted me back on Wednesday to check my blood pressure again and that was it. Have a nice day – and she’s gone. I of course asked her about ways to bring on labor before she left and all she said was “Lots of (you know what)”. Like it was no big deal. I was kind of embarrassed.

So – I left the doctor’s office with no good news and a little bit of bad news (the whole protein thing). I DO NOT want to be induced PERIOD. I will avoid that as much as possible. As long as she is fine – no one is coming near me with any medication.

xo – S.J.


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