1.5 Miles. Go Me!! (Day 222)

Yesterday was Wednesday. That’s the day that my SMIL (step-mother-in-law) Mary picks up Seth from school and brings him home with her. We go to church in the city where I work – we live about 25-30 minutes from here so it’s easier for me to have her pick him up instead of driving down there and back.

Anyway – I read that walking helps you dilate and get ready for labor and what not. So – I texted my SIL Crystal and asked her if she wanted to go with me. She did – so I met her at the battlefield at 4 o’clock. She brought her yorkie Lilly and we got ready to go.

I put on my Nike+ band and set it. Only about 10 minutes in my calf muscles were KILLING me. I mean – yes they are swollen from water weight just like my ankles and my feet – but I didn’t expect them to hurt so bad. I had to stop and stretch them out for a minute and we continued. My Nike+ band said that we went .04 miles and I just KNEW it wasn’t right (it turns out it was .7 miles we walked before we decided to turn around.

All in all we walked 1.5 miles in about forty five minutes. I know that I mostly waddled but hey – at least I did it. Before I got pregnant I could do a mile in about 9 minutes just walking. I really want to get back into walking/running after I have Keira. It will be winter soon and I can’t really go walking/jogging with her. I will do the Pure Barre dvd I bought but I want to get outside too. I could bundle up a bit and jog at night. I rather like running in the cold instead of in the heat. Anybody else?

I need to find a jogging stroller for the spring/summer though. Hopefully I can find one on Craigslist.

xo – S.J.


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