Challenge Delay (Day 219)

Well – I had decided to attempt to do the hex nut bracelet for my Pinterest Challenge along with Sherry from Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power. I went to the craft store – Michael’s – and couldn’t find leather strips or anything really thick. So I figured that if I got smaller somethings to braid with (all they had was bamboo strings) I could just get smaller hex nuts.


I went to Home Depot yesterday – don’t hate on the procrastinator – and went home to get started. While the turkey for dinner was thawing I started braiding. Sadly – my bamboo strings I bought will not support the 6-32 hex nuts I bought.

So as ticked off as I was at myself for not thinking that this wouldn’t work – I decided to change what my challenge would be. I’ve been eying those hair clip holders you can buy online at Etsy. This one is from a shop called Marmalade Creations. You can go directly to this listing here.
It’s cute – I like it. If it had a giraffe on it I might would consider buying it – except for the $24 price tag. She does have free shipping so that’s awesome. BUT – I figured I could make my own – maybe with a letter instead of a plaque like she has here.

Plus – I already had everything I needed.
I took this picture this morning because I want to work on it at least some tonight when we get home from church. I can’t remember at the moment what color pink it is and the letter isn’t all that big – as you can see.  I got it from Wal-Mart for a $1.17. The ribbon is still in her room and I plan on hot gluing it to the middle of the K. I just need to find something to hang at the bottom to weigh down the ribbon. Any ideas?

I know that Katie and Sherry are revealing their Pinterest Project Challenge items today (I am pretty sure at least) so you can go on over there and check them out. I will be adding Bower Power to the list of “My Fav Blogs/Sites” so you can find the link to her page – and Sherry’s – there.

xo – S.J.


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