No Dice… (Day 218)

I mean day bed.

I was dead set on having a day bed in our nursery. We got all the materials and then they sat in our garage. Thankfully – we can take the trim and a piece of wood we had to buy back to Home Depot since we didn’t use it – at least I hope we can. It was only $30 for the material but still – that’s $30 we could use for nursing clothes or toys or you know – something else for her or her room.

After getting her crib, changing table and glider rocker in her room – we started to notice that it wasn’t going to work exactly as we had hoped. The dresser we ended up getting made us re-arrange her room once more and we finally decided on where everything will go. Here is a seriously rough sketch of her room.
Yeah I put my mad skills in drawing in Excel to use. HA! (That rectangle behind the rocker is a window). Of course this is so not to scale but it gives you an idea of what her room looks like. So – needless to say – there isn’t really much room for a day bed. I do like the fact that there is room for her to play in the center of the room as she gets older. In that top right corner (between the crib and the dresser) we are trying to figure out something to put there.

Her room is a combination of her bedding colors (pink and grey) with flowers, giraffe’s and monkey’s. So – I was thinking about heading to our local Earthbound Trading Company and getting a four-foot wooden giraffe. It’s darker in color (and you can’t find it on the website – sorry) and is just tall enough to take up the empty kind of space that’s there.

Over the changing table and the dresser we’ve put the vinyl’s from the Carter’s Jungle Jill collection. We split up the decals so they aren’t like in the picture. They will give her something to look at when she’s getting changed and the ones above her dresser compliment the lamp that’s there and a stuffed animal or two that’s up there.

I promise pictures soon. We just got our camera back from Jeremy’s step mom so look forward to her nursery reveal. Although it’s not completely done yet. I’d like to have some of the pom pom’s from Etsy still (or make my own) and get that giraffe to put in the corner. Oh – and we love our dresser from Ikea!! Deep drawers and everything I wanted to put in there fits perfectly!

Bottom drawer is all her blankets (receiving and plush ones), second drawer up is all her socks, crib sheets, changing pad covers, boppy covers and lovies and the top drawer is all the bottoms to all her out fits. It’s so nice to have everything put up. I also still need to get some baskets for the changing table but that’s not such a big deal.

AND – I am totally okay with not having the day bed – even though it was in the plan from the beginning. Maybe I’m not as OCD as I thought! (Yeah right…..)

xo – S.J.


2 thoughts on “No Dice… (Day 218)

    • Yup! Thanks so much! We ended up getting the medium one ($40) and it didn’t exactly “fill up” the corner but it makes the room look a lot better! The darkness of the spots match the dark wood furniture so it’s so awesome! There was even a lady to who stopped me to ask where I got it so she could go get one. So glad we have an Earthbound here!

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