36 Week Appointment Update (Day 216)

Friday I went to the doctor for my 36 week check up. We were running about 15 minutes late so I had to call and let them know. Once there we waited about five minutes then I was called back for the regular routine of checking my blood pressure, weight and then using the bathroom.

My blood pressure is usually around 117/70 and that day it was 137/77. No one said anything about it so I guess it wasn’t so bad. I gained 2 pounds in one week – which compared to the week before is awesome…I gained 7 pounds last time. I’m sad to say I’ve gained almost 50 pounds – most of which has been the last month. I really think most of it is water weight because my feet, ankles and calf muscles look horrible.

Anyway – once done with the routine they told me to go to a room so I peeked out the door and got Jeremy. We were going over our birth plan making sure of everything. I am going to re-type it this week and give it to Anna (the mid-wife) this Friday. We finished it in the room waiting on my doctor.

Now – don’t get me wrong – I like my OB. I will not see anyone else in the practice but him and Anna. Everyone else seems very – rude – to me. He listened to Keira’s heartbeat and then asked about how much I gained this week and how much she weighed in her ultrasound the week before – which was 5 pounds 13 ounces. He then says “We will induce you in three weeks so the week before Thanksgiving.” I looked at Jeremy and then said “Um – we want a natural birth. We mentioned that before.”

He – the OB – then goes on to say that Keira gains about an ounce every other day and that he didn’t really want me to go past 39 weeks because Seth was a big baby – 9 pounds 1 ounce. Well later me and Jeremy figured it up and if I go all the way to my due date – November 25th – Keira will weigh about 7 pounds exactly. I then asked the OB if there were any ways that we could try to induce labor naturally. All he said was no and to not try any old wives tales because they don’t work.

He mentioned that they would check me this week (Friday) to see if I was dilated any and then check me again the next week. He said based on that he could kind of give us an idea of when she’s coming. I don’t want to bank on that because you never know really when your baby’s coming. IF I go past 40 weeks Jeremy and I agreed that we would THINK about inducing.

I’ve read up on natural ways to induce labor. One is DTD (doing the deed), walking, using evening primrose oil and even drinking red raspberry leaf tea. I think I will just try the walking & maybe one other. I read about castor oil but the cons out weigh the pros so that’s not even on my list.

I had a friend – the same friend that did our maternity pictures – offer to come to the hospital and take photos before, during and after labor and delivery. She sent me to a website of her friend in Texas who had them done and it actually doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Of course – there wouldn’t be any shots of you know – THERE – but of family and Jeremy cutting the cord and all that jazz. The nurses cleaning her and doing her foot prints and hand prints etc. I don’t think that anyone would else would think to do that with everything else going on. I think we will ask her to be there just because I don’t want to miss that stuff you know?

It was a very uneventful appointment I’d say. I wonder and kind of worry about what Anna will say Friday when I go. I hope I am dilated at least a bit and effaced some. I’d hate to go and have her say that everything is normal. As of today I have 3 weeks and 4 days or 25 days if you don’t want to count in weeks. Hard to believe….Keira Jane will be here soon!

xo – S.J.


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