You up for a Challenge? (Day 215)

As you may or may not know – depending on how long you’ve read my blog – I read Young House Love just about every day. I go back at least three times a day because sometimes they have two posts a day – cause they are awesome like that. I also started to read Bower Power which is Sherry’s friend Katie’s blog. I WISH I had half the talent that Katie and Sherry have in their pinky finger. I mean – they do amazing things! Admittedly – it’s not just them but their husbands too. 🙂

You should also know by now that I am addicted to Pinterest (in case that big red button on the bottom right didn’t clue you in – follow me!!). I also follow Sherry on Pinterest – she has lots of DIY things on her pin boards. Not that I stalk them or anything.

Well – a few days ago – Wednesday to be exact – she posted about a challenge. Her and Katie’s PINTEREST challenge! Last time they did one I did not participate. I had too much going on to even think about it. When I saw that they were doing another one and it would be finished up at the end of next week – I figured – I have time to do that this time!

So off to Pinterest I went a trolling. First up was this. I repined it from Ginner.
It’s Elmer’s glue on canvas in what ever design you want then when it dries you paint the whole canvas what ever color you want. I’m totally thinking something for Kiera’s room or Seth’s room. Depending on what I can find at Michael’s I’d do smaller canvases and do four of them to make it symmetrical. OH! Then there is this.
How awesome are these bracelets?! I’ve seen these out and about for sale here and there for around $20 a pop. For realz. I understand that these are leather BUT you could do the same thing with any kind of cord or twine. I repined these from Alicia.

So – which one to do? I could do both if I really wanted to – I just don’t want to say I’ll do both and then end up not. Both are simple and easy AND I could possibly make more of either one and sell them. More the bracelets than the canvases but you never know. Anyone interested? 🙂

The more I look at the bracelets the more I want to make them!! I wonder if it would break me out? I am allergic to nickel so I wonder if those hex nuts have a lot in them. I guess I could always as the guy at the hardware store. Check back with me next Friday to see which one I picked! AND – I PROMISE to have photos!! What’s the point if I don’t take pictures to show  you guys??

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Sherry and Katie are sharing their projects on Wednesday of next week. If I’m done with mine by then – I’ll post about it that day. If not – go on over and check out theirs!!


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