Finding My Replacement (Day 214)

I am due in four weeks. I figured that the bosses would call the temp agency or have someone from the home office come down to work while I am out for my 12 weeks.

Yeah – apparently not.

They told me yesterday that I needed to start calling the temp agency myself and explaining the type of person we need to have here while I am gone. For one – it’s weird trying to find my own replacement. Two – I don’t like talking to new people at all especially someone who is going to be doing my job.

I wrote down a list of the things they will need to know how to do or programs they need to work with. Shall we? Outlook (email program), Quickbooks (we use this to write tickets to take to our customers who then sign it saying they received it), Access (a database program – they must know how to use this and how to make a database if necessary), Excel and Word. I use Excel every month to do graphs/charts for what has been sold that month. It’s usually done in the second week of every month and then it is printed to PDF and send to the boss men.

One other thing this person will need – OCD. Seriously. I have labels on everything. Hardly anything is ever left out on my desk. It’s always filed away in the appropriate spots and every month new folders need to be made and things need to be moved to file cabinets out in the shop.

I just know that when I come back – I will go nuts. I am betting on the fact that nothing is where it needs to be and I know I will go over every spread sheet that was made just to make sure it’s right. I am also betting on the fact that I will get phone calls while I am out to ask how to do something. I did that to Juanita (the lady that worked here before me) because I couldn’t remember how to do anything.

I am hoping to wait until next week because we will get our monthly statement of what was sold so I can show said person how to do all the spreadsheets every month. I don’t even know really where to start. There isn’t going to be someone who can come in and do exactly as I do. I’m just hoping they don’t like my replacement more than me and fire me. That’s my worst fear.

Is it something that’s possible? Yes. Is it something that I think is really going to happen? No.

For one – I am the first person that’s worked in this administrative assistant position that WASN’T family. Two – the temporary person they had doing this between Juanita and I wasn’t really an office person – he was the janitor and not long after I got here he was fired. He could never find anything that the boss men wanted and now when they ask for something they wait at my desk for it unless I tell them it will be a minute for me to find it. I think I am awesome at my job and even the shop guys have told me that I shouldn’t worry about them replacing me.

Hopefully that’s true.

xo – S.J.


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