Polyvore (Day 213)

To be honest – I am not the most fashion conscious person in the world. I mostly wear black, grey and white. Every once in a while you’ll see me in something more girly – when I’m going out with Jeremy or going out with the girls. Most of the time (I’m talking before I got pregnant) I wore boots, jeans and a t-shirt of some sort usually with a tank under it cause it was see through. These were my staples.

As far as boots – think Steve Madden “Banddit” Boots usually underneath jeans from American Eagle or Fossil. Sometimes – if I wanted to be cute and stylist – I’d wear them with my skinny jeans and go for the “I ride motorcycles” look. If you can’t picture it – that’s fine. Maybe this will help. I just didn’t have a leather jacket – I have Bella’s jacket. Yup – this one.

Sorry I can’t put the actual pictures here – I’m sure it would help lots.

Now – when I found Polyvore I was SO SO SO excited. Problem is – I don’t really know how to maneuver around the website to find what I need or what I want. I’ve pinned so many outfits to my Pinterest clothing pin board from Polyvore BUT it’s always been (well mostly) because someone else has pinned it first.

Everything on that board is either from Polyvore, Etsy or Mod Cloth. If I was rich – man the clothes I’d have!!! The point of this is – does anyone out there use Polyvore?? Could you give me some pointers? Don’t get me wrong – I love to browse and see what’s new every day but when I want an outfit with ballet flats and jeans it just seems like I can’t find anything!

And being totally serious – I am going to over haul my closet after I have Keira. I love my jeans I have, I love my boots and my heels. It’s just my shirts – they aren’t exactly feminine. Like I said – it’s mostly t-shirts and maybe a few collard shirts here and there. I’ll have to have nursing shirts anyway for the next year so I might as well try to incorporate some other “girly” pieces. I seriously wore boots and heels with everything – before it got too uncomfortable.

Any ideas or tips on where to point me for decently priced outfits? I am going to check out American Eagle (since it’s my favorite store) and their prices are usually pretty good. I will need some new jeans too – I really only have two or three pairs I can wear after I have Keira. Like it was with Seth – I am hoping to be back in my size 5 jeans in three months – HOPEFULLY sooner and size 4 instead!!

I’ll keep you posted!!!

xo – S.J.


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