I’m Getting There (Day 212)

I am (this) close to being to that point where I am saying – I’m done & over being pregnant. I just want her here already.

BUT – at the same time I want her to bake as long as she needs to. I can deal with my fat feet, ankles and calf muscles. I can deal with the almost TWELVE pounds of water weight I’ve gained since my feet, ankles and calf muscles started to swell. Drinking lots of water doesn’t help by the way. Neither has putting them up when I can.

Know what did help? Cold packs. Seriously. I was at my brother’s house and my SIL Crystal said “Here – put this on your feet and see if it helps.” It was a large pouch filled with beans that she keeps in the fridge for use on her knees. So as we sat there and date dinner the bag of freezing beans was on my feet. When it wasn’t cold any more I moved it (30+ minutes) and no fat feet!

I just wish I had one of those at home. We have a bed buddy but it isn’t as good as her bag of beans. I need to buy one – or better yet – just flippin’ make one. Anybody have any ideas as to what exactly goes into one of those? Like is it a certain kind of bean or something? Maybe I should just look it up. I’d also have to hand stitch it together since I don’t have a sewing machine. I so need one of those.

I just put one on my Amazon wish list. Maybe one day I will get one. 🙂

I didn’t sleep well last night – I haven’t been sleeping well the past few nights. I wake up and my right side hurts (I lay on my left cause when I lay on my right I get tingly). I try slightly rolling over onto my back and it gets better but then I don’t get comfortable so I can’t sleep. I was sitting in bed this morning eating cereal and watching the news while Seth got ready for school and realized that I could probably sleep sitting up and be more comfortable. I just don’t think it’s a good idea though.

I’ve got pillows underneath my side when I lay down – and we have a body pillow that honestly never gets used at the foot of our bed. We use it kind of as a foot warmer. You know when you get hot under the covers but it’s too cold to get out from underneath them so you just put one leg out? Yeah – that’s both of us. We stick our foot under the body pillow to keep it warm. Go ahead – say it – we are weird. 🙂

I know we aren’t the only ones though so that makes us not as weird as you may think. HA!

Anyways – this Friday will be exactly FOUR weeks until my due date. The dresser is coming this weekend thanks to Meiyen and Daniel. There is a party down the street Saturday night for Halloween and maybe we will do some trick or treating before hand. There is a ghost walk I’d like to do but I don’t know if we will make it. We shall see…..

xo – S.J.


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