Finally… (Day 210)

After weeks and weeks of prowling Craigslist, our local newspaper, resale shops and antique stores we’ve decided.

We will just get a dresser from Ikea. To be honest – we looked at a dresser from there the first time around and thought for sure we could find something better for around the same price. Well – we didn’t. So – to texting I went.

Jeremy’s cousin Daniel and his wife Meiyen live in Atlanta or rather on the outskirts or what ever. I’m not totally sure but I do know that the Ikea store there is close to them. I knew that they were coming up this weekend because Daniel’s sister Amy is having a baby shower for Meiyen at her house on Saturday. I also knew that it would be the last time that they would be coming up until some time after their baby arrives. She’s due two weeks after me and Jeremy and Daniel were born two weeks apart. Crazy right? Oh – and they are having a girl too.

Anyways – first thing I did though was to try calling the Atlanta store to place the order and just have Daniel and Meiyen pick it up for us. Turns out NONE of the Ikea stores take direct phone calls (so what’s the point in having a number for them on the website?). They also will not take payments for an item on the phone because of “security reasons”. The only options that we had were to either a) drive down ourselves and get it b) ask Daniel and Meiyen to pay for it and pick it up and us pay them back when they get here OR c) have it shipped.

Well – option A wasn’t really an option. Our truck gets only 20 miles a gallon and we weren’t entirely sure that the box would fit in our Honda. I looked at option C and almost choked on my water. They wanted $250 bucks to ship it to our house. A six pound box – $250. Um – NO.

So texting started to Meiyen. Thank goodness they love us! πŸ™‚ Turns out she and Daniel can pick up and pay for the dresser we want on Thursday or Friday evening or Saturday morning and us pay them for it when I see her on Saturday!! Here’s hoping it fits in my car!! πŸ˜€

I just wish that we lived closer to an Ikea store – I would so be there ALL THE TIME. Oh – I guess I should show you what it is we are getting huh? It’s called the Aneboda 3 Drawer Chest.
Isn’t it pretty? I love the frosted glass looking front of the drawers. The dimensions of the dresser (once put together) are 31 1/2″ wide, 15 3/4″ deep and 39 3/8″ tall. So around three and a half feet tall. It’s perfect for what we need which is just a place to store the bottoms to Keira’s outfits, socks, maybe some blankets and boppy covers, sheets – things like that.

I can’t wait to get this home Saturday and start putting it together! Ah – that makes me think though – this weekend is HALLOWEEN! I am NOT dressing up but question – will you go trick or treating with your kiddos on Saturday night or wait until Monday (actual Halloween) to do it???

xo – S.J.


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