Packing (Day 209)

So last night I finally sat down and made a list of what needs to be packed for the hospital. Who knew it would turn out to be two bags??

First – her car seat finally went into the car. I washed the liner and the newborn snuggie we got at the baby shower and put it together for Keira’s little self. We got the car seat from my cousin who used it like all of a month. I then started to pack the diaper bag.

I knew we would only need one or two outfits for Keira but Jeremy and I couldn’t decide which ones we liked the best to bring her home in so we packed four sleepers. They are fuzzy and warm and should be good enough for the hospital since it’s always cold in there. I also packed a pair of fuzzy socks for her because I know they will put her in a onesie at the hospital and I don’t want her feet to freeze.

I washed two of her pacifiers and put them her pacifier tote and attached it to the stroller straps on the inside of the diaper bag. I bought Seth, myself and Jeremy new toothbrushes this past weekend and I put our old ones in a bag and put those in the diaper bag too. I also got travel size shampoo, conditioner, Dove body wash and morning burst face wash. I did forget a travel size toothpaste but it’s on the list for me to get.

The last things I put in her diaper bag was my nursing nightgown from Motherhood Maternity with the matching robe and a fuzzy blanket to cover Keira up with in the hospital and in the car seat. It’s fuzzy and pink with polka dots – I love it. We have live seven fuzzy blankets and it was hard to pick which one I wanted to take!

The only things that are left to put in a bag are some slippers/socks for me and Jeremy, toothpaste and some clothes for Jeremy and me. That’s about it really. Oh – and I am going to bring the boppy we have for her. Of course the car seat won’t be brought in so we would just have two small bags and a boppy.

I am already pre-registered so all we have to do is walk in. We have to call our doctor’s office and tell them when we are on the way and they call ahead for us. Everything should be together by the end of this week and already in the car. I am going to write out a list – surprise – of what exactly needs to be done when I start to have contractions. Not really for me – but for Jeremy and Seth if we all happen to be home together.

Did you do anything like this when you were expecting??

xo – S.J.


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