35 Week Appointment (Day 208)

As I said in an earlier post (I think it was the 35 week update) I had a doctor’s appointment on Friday (October 21st).

I now have to start going every week. My appointment was at 9:45 and we were a little late. I didn’t want to get up and neither did Jeremy.

Once there it wasn’t 15 minutes before they called us back for our ultrasound. Once in there she started doing all her measurements that she needed to do and then started to show us things. She wasn’t rude this time – thank goodness. She showed us the birth canal and my cervix on the ultrasound. Now – I’ve searched everywhere to find a picture of a dilated cervix on an ultrasound and I can’t find one. It wasn’t closed like I thought it would be and Keira is head down and pretty close to it.

She showed us Keira’s heart – everything is perfect and then showed us her spine and her legs and her arms and such. Then she showed us her face. She has such fat cheeks!!! We get 3D ultrasound pictures so it’s amazing what you can see. I think she has Jeremy’s lips and my nose. She weighs about 5 pounds and 13 ounces (give or take up to 7 ounces). What I thought was her foot or her legs being under my right rib cage is actually her butt. I feel bad now because I kind of tap there to make her move if it hurts – I’ve been spanking her whole time!

Oh – when we got our 3D pictures of her face she froze the screen and pointed out all this fuzzy stuff on the screen. She said “You know what all that fuzzy stuff is?” We were like – um – no. I just thought that it was the machine or the screen or something. “That’s lots and lots of hair!” She exclaimed. So apparently the hair bows my mom and Crystal bought will not be wasted. The girl will have a full head of hair when she’s born. My mom said that mine was curled up around the base of my neck – I bet you that’s how Keira’s will be.

After the ultrasound we had to sit back out front and wait for my regular appointment. It didn’t take long. I did the regular stuff. My blood pressure this time was 116/74 which was a lot better than last week. They they put Jeremy and I in a room and waited on the doctor. I had my strep B test which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and the doctor didn’t check me or anything. He said everything looked good on the ultrasound and that was it.

We gave them the papers for Jeremy’s FMLA leave from work. Hopefully they will get them filled out and turned in this week. He’s applying for 10 working days but may not take all of them. He won’t get paid and I’m already freaked out about not getting paid for the weeks I am out.

My SIL Crystal said that her schedule at school changed for next semester and she could keep Keira on Tuesdays and Fridays which is awesome cause that will save us on daycare. It’s $125 a week if she goes every day. You have no idea how much her keeping Keira for two days will help! 😀 I have the best SIL ever – my brother did a good job!

Anyway – that’s about it. I have four weeks and four days or something like that left (32 days to be exact) until my due date. I’m starting to get to that “I’m done” point. Mainly because of my fat feet.

xo – S.J.


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