All Them Diapers (Day 207)

Curiosity killed the cat – not a mom.

I looked up how many diapers a newborn uses a day. I found most of my answers at one place – Diapering Decisions. That link will take you to the page where they compare cloth diapers to throw away diapers which is the kind we will be using. Don’t hate us.

They say that the average number of times a newborn should be changed in a day is 12 to 16 times for the first two weeks. That’s about 196 diapers. Dang. I checked out cloth diapering but it just isn’t for us. Maybe if I was a constant stay at home mom – sure.

Anyway – Jeremy and I got a diaper disposal system last weekend when we (me and Crystal) went and got the diaper bag. I had looked at every single diaper disposal system there was. I read just about every single review there was and finally decided on one that we liked.
It’s the Diaper Dekor Plus. With my other 20% off coupon from Babies R Us it was $34 bucks. First off there is no twisting the diaper in some plastic then pushing it down or any other weird thing. You just step on the pedal, the top opens, push the diaper through the “trap door” and close. Simple and easy. Refills seem to be a snap and – if you wanted – you can convert it to use regular garbage bags. How awesome is that? You don’t really have to buy the refills if you buy the right sized garbage bag.

I could only find a few bad reviews of this product at Babies R Us. I had looked at the Arm and Hammer one but something about it I didn’t like. Another nice thing about this one? It was ready out of the box. Like I opened it, took the plastic bag from around it and I was done. No trying to figure out how to put it together or anything – simple and easy. I like that. 🙂

Now – I am sure that in a few months – after it’s used A LOT – I will let you know how it’s holding up. Just like I expect to on the crib, changing table, diaper bag etc. Do you have one of these kind of diaper pails? How has it done for you?

Oh – this week we are hoping to get bottles, a monitor and – a bedroom suit. Details later. 🙂

xo – S.J.


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