Pre-E (Day 202)

So was it just me who didn’t know that pre-eclampsia was just a fancy word for high blood pressure? Thought so…

I went to the doctor on Friday for my 34 week check up. I was in and out pretty fast (it’s only like that when I see the midwife). I thought that last week was going to be my strep B test (look it up – I ain’t going to tell you about it here). Turns out it is going to be this coming Friday. Anyway – they weighed me and did my blood pressure as usual.

I told the lady I didn’t want to know how much I weighed so she just wrote it down in my book. When she took my blood pressure it wouldn’t work on my upper arm so she did it on the lower part. She said it was a bit higher than normal and that Anna (the midwife) might say something about it.

I went and did the normal routine with the cup and went to my room to wait on Anna. It wasn’t long before she was in there – I didn’t even get to finish my game of Sudoku on my phone. She asked me to lay down and she used the doppler to listen for the heart beat. She knew exactly where it would be – right below my belly button. It’s so nice to hear that every time I go to the doctor’s office! 🙂 She then measured me but she didn’t say if I was measuring on time or late or early or anything.

Then she started to add up how much I had gained in the past two weeks. Imagine my face – I hadn’t even looked yet. I’d gained eight pounds. That’s a total of 40 pounds gained this pregnancy so far. You are only supposed to gain like a pound a week at this point so it was a little high. I must admit I have been eating a lot of chocolate – blame the people who left Hershey kisses on the baby shower tables. I still have some left too!

Anyway – I now weigh 185 – O.M.G. It’s so hard to believe but Jeremy just says – “You’re pregnant – it will go away.” It BETTER! Most people tell me you can’t even tell I’m close to my due date – there was one lady who asked me if I was about six months pregnant this weekend while looking at furniture. I was like um – nope more like five weeks away from my due date! Things like that make me feel a bit better but then I look down at my feet (thank God I can still see them) and they remind me of baby elephant feet. That’s how swollen they are.

Back to the point of the post – my blood pressure. She had mentioned that it was higher and she asked to see my feet. She said she thought I might have early signs of toxemia (another fancy word for high blood pressure) and that she wanted my blood pressure checked again before I left. It was 137/88 and stayed right around that same reading the second time. She didn’t say anything about it so I was allowed to leave.

After looking it up on my phone (pre-eclampsia, toxemia, high blood pressure during pregnancy) I learned that the only way to get rid of it is to have the baby. If it’s bad enough they want to induce – if it’s not it could be controlled by eating less salt, putting your feet up, resting more, medication etc. I DO NOT want to be induced unless there is a danger to her. I could care less about my feet looking like tiny elephant feet – as long as she’s okay I’m okay to deal with my feet.

I talked to Jeremy about ways to induce labor naturally. Walking more, stripping of membranes and even doing the deed. He’s worried that if I go into labor naturally at home that we won’t get to the hospital in time. We live about an hour away when you consider traffic and such. I even suggesting staying at his dad’s house closer to my due date. Although it’s not something I WANT to do – if it makes Jeremy feel better I guess I could do it.

We go Friday for an ultrasound (yea!) to check her growth and fluid levels and such. I also have to have my strep B test done. Hopefully everything turns out fine and my blood pressure was just high last week because I was stressed out about work. Jeremy said that when we have the ultrasound if they say “Oh look – it’s a boy” he will freak. He’s so ready for a little girl! She isn’t even here yet and she’s already got him wrapped around her little finger!

xo – S.J.


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