Carter’s Bag (Day 203)

You know when you go to Babies R Us and you buy something they usually give you coupons for a few weeks out. Like 20% off one item or $7 off a value pack of Pampers. Well – I LOVE coupons and I had three that started last Friday. It said you could only use one per customer so I asked my SIL Crystal if she wanted to go with me. Of course she said yes cause she’s awesome.

Jeremy and I had our eye on a diaper bag that wasn’t too girly. I didn’t want him to feel funny carrying around an all pink bag – this one was black and yellow with a bee design (I think) on the inside from Carters. This one to be exact.
It’s suede too. I loved it. Problem was they didn’t sell it in the store any more and I hate buying online unless I know it’s absolutely something I was willing to wait on. I wasn’t willing to wait. I needed to start getting my bag together and I wanted to take the diaper bag.

Since they didn’t have this one in store I figured there would be another one I liked just as much. There was!! Turns out it was a Carter’s bag too. I looked at an Eddie Bauer bag but Crystal said she didn’t like it. Plus after putting it on my shoulder I realized it was way too big. I hated it really.

So after looking for a few minutes I picked up one that actually had pink on it. This one.
I liked it – a lot. Inside was lined in plastic just like the other one. It had lots of pockets and room for everything you’d need and it wasn’t too big. I just didn’t like the circles. I don’t know why I just didn’t. Crystal and I like kind of the same things – depending on what that thing is – and she spotted one that sadly isn’t on the website for me to show you. It was also Carter’s and looks just like this one except instead of circles on the front – there are flowers. Not too many crazy flowers just here and there. The changing pad is still the same though – circles. I can deal with that.

With my 20% off coupon it was $34 after taxes. I saved $8. I was super excited that I had a diaper bag now! 😀 At the check out counter the lady gave me two more “packs” of coupons. There was at least one more 20% off coupon in there for the beginning of November and several more diaper and wipe coupons. I will for sure be using those!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: What did you pack in your hospital bag?? Did you take stuff for your hubby too?


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