Business Fever (Day 199)

When I was little we had career days in elementary school where we could dress up as what we wanted to be when we grew up. (I think I’ve mentioned this before). I remember dressing up as a lawyer. I had a black skirt on a little jacket and a white shirt on underneath (as far as I can remember anyway). I carried one of my mom’s old briefcases (she worked for a lawyer – still does).

I googled images of little girls dressed up as lawyers (I was thinking like Halloween costumes) and all it pulled up was pictures of Nicki Minaj and Suri Cruise.








For real? Why do these two come up? I will never know…no one probably will.

Anyway – as far back as I can remember – I’ve wanted my own business. I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to operate my own shop/store and sell things. In high school I had the idea to open a coffee shop across the street from our school in the open field. It would have free internet access (which a lot of places didn’t have back then) and be kind of like a Panera (before I knew what a Panera Bread was or even heard of it). Needless to say that didn’t happen. There is still an open field across from the high school…waiting. I wonder if it would even be profitable? Eh….

Last year or early this year (I can’t remember) a friend of mine came to me with the proposition to open a restaurant. A Zaxby’s – then that turned into a yogurt place and then into a cupcake place…and then the idea got dropped all together when we realized that no one (the banks) would loan us the money we needed. Stupid recession.

At least Suri can get an Ipad.

I love Etsy – any one who knows me should know that. I bought just about everyone’s presents for Christmas last year from Etsy. I’ve bought several things for Keira from there and I’m looking for Christmas this year. I have two Etsy accounts – one is my personal one where I buy for myself and others and the other one is for Crystal Events. My event planning business that never quite took off. Once again – thank you recession.

I logged into my Crystal Event account today. I browsed through the 13 pages of “stores” I’ve hearted (my favorite stores) and got bit once again by the entrepreneurship bug. I seriously want to open a OOAK store downtown. For those of you not in the know – OOAK means “One Of A Kind”. Every piece of work in the stores on my Etsy make wedding dresses, favors, hair clips, jewelry, etc. by hand and not one is the same.

I die thinking about how awesome it would be to walk into store with everything being handmade and beautiful. A section of dresses here, jewelry counter there, accessories in the corner – can you just picture it? I sure can. Thing is – I have NO IDEA how to go about it – sort of.

I’d have to get wholesale pricing from my favorite shops; dresses as samples in every size and style, I’d have to make a database with tags to inventory everything. Things like that don’t worry me – I’m super organized so that’s no big deal to me to sit and figure out an easy way to keep up with everything. What does worry me is where will the money to get started come from? Where will I find available space downtown? Will I even be successful? What will I do if I fail?

That worries me – failure. I don’t know what I’d do – I’d cry, be miserable for days, and never attempt to do anything ever again (I’d imagine). Just the thought that failure is an option makes me not want to even try. That’s bad isn’t it?

I’d only want a small store – nothing huge – maybe 500 square feet. I could have a catalog of dresses available and not have one of every size and style in store. They’d be custom-made anyway. Everything else could be in store – all the items I mentioned. I’d have some dresses of course but not a lot and only in certain sizes (the most common ones). It would be a lot less than I’d envisioned just so I wouldn’t freak out about not selling them if no one liked them.

Maybe I will look into it again. Maybe this time I could find something that could work. Maybe this time I’ll get over my fear of failure and just go for it (on a small-scale).

What would you do?

xo – S.J.


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