Dresser Search (Day 196)

I thought finding a dresser for Keira’s room would be easy. Why does it seem like I am always wrong?

This past Saturday we drove around and looked at several different furniture places for a dresser. We went to a resale warehouse, a few antique stores we saw on Craigslist and a several different furniture warehouses. Sad to say – we found nothing.

Jeremy did buy a skill saw for $5 from the resale warehouse. It works and a lot better than what I thought it would. There was a dresser at an antique mall I fell in love with for about $70 but when we got there it was gone. At a furniture warehouse there was a lady that was working really hard to sell us a dresser and a chest of drawers (that’s for our room) but in all seriousness – everything was WAY over priced and particle board made. Most of it was anyway.

I saw glider rockers in the back of the warehouse and went to look. The cheapest was $300 marked down from about $650. Honestly – I’ll take Wal-Mart’s $135 glider rocker AND ottoman. Not yours. Thanks.

Since we have internet on our phones now – thanks to switching to AT&T – I searched on Craigslist on Sunday evening at Jeremy’s dad’s house while waiting on a yummy lunch from his step-mom Mary. I found this.
Don’t laugh at the color (I actually like it). It would be easily paintable though to the white we need (with a few extra coats maybe). It says it’s a Victorian dresser (who knows) and she’s only $60. She’s also not that far of a drive from where we live and I’m dying to get it. Of course – since the weekend is over and Jeremy has school and work and I only drive the car – by the time next weekend comes around she’ll be gone (more than likely) and the search will have to start all over again.

At least I’ve washed most of the things we got from the baby shower. I had to go and buy about 30 more hangers (for a total of about 50 so far) and I will still need more. All the bottoms to the outfits are currently folded on her changing table waiting for a dresser (or daybed) to fill. More on that daybed thing later.

xo – S.J.


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