Day Bed! (Day 197)

For a few months now we’ve had 3/4″ wood pieces in the garage waiting and ready for our storage day bed project. Saturday before we left to look for a dresser we made sure we had everything we needed. Turns out we didn’t.


We need another sheet of 3/4″ wood and if we wanted to use the 2×4’s for trim we could cut them down. We decided we would wait and see how much trim was at Home Depot before we made our decision. We already have white paint – that hopefully is still good to use – and since Jeremy bought that skill saw I mentioned in the previous post we can get started this week! We have a saw – but it’s battery-powered. It dies within like 10 minutes and takes forever to charge back up.

So – after driving around to all the furniture stores we went to Home Depot. Turns out trim was cheaper than what we thought. We got all our trim we needed and the sheet of 3/4″ wood we needed for about $30. Not bad considering we got all the other wood for FREE. Now we just need to buy the $150 twin mattress for it.

In case you were wondering – we got the plans for the day bed from Ana White’s website. We hope to make our daybed just like this.
We will have pink baskets or white baskets with pink liners. The mattress will have a pink sheet on it (or a brown one). We need to get pillows – I’ll probably hit up Home Goods for those. I found a giraffe print pillow at Wal-Mart yesterday but it was $11. Not something I am willing to pay.

This week is Seth’s fall break from school. Since there is a lady that lives down the street whose daughter Seth goes to school with – she’s letting him stay with her for a few hours between when Jeremy goes to work and I get home. That way we save about $100 on daycare! Awesome! 🙂

Since Seth is staying home with Jeremy – I am thinking maybe Jeremy can start cutting the pieces we need for the day bed this week. Hopefully have it painted and be done with it by next weekend. We will see how that goes though. I can’t do power tools – well except for a drill – otherwise I’d do it myself! HA!

I’ll keep you updated!

xo – S.J.

PS: We got our glider rocker from Wal-Mart yesterday. I can’t find a picture of it online but we paid $140 for it after tax and it came with an ottoman. It’s espresso colored like Keira’s crib and changing table and has white swede cushions. SO comfy!!



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