Registry Redo (Day 195)

Today I decided to go through my Babies R Us registry and delete any items that I think we really won’t use or need – ever.

Seems daunting. I know if I delete something I can just add it back later if we want but – it seems very final to hit that “delete” button and then the website ask you again “Are you sure you want to delete this item from your registry”. I’ve deleted two items already and reduced the quantity of one.

First on the chopping block – the diaper stacker.

I mean – when I think about it – why would I want to take diapers out of a box/bag to just put them in the diaper stacker? I can use a basket – same purpose and just as cute but you actually see the diapers. Who cares right? Also – at $20 I am sure I could find something else to spend that on.

Second on the chopping block – the safety step.
Again – not saying that there is anything wrong with having this but we already have a step stool. It’s gray and from Wal-Mart but that one only cost me about $5 and this one by Baby Bjorn (which is a brand I LOVE) is $22. Sorry but no thanks!

The one thing so far I have chosen to downgrade the quantity on is what Babies R Us calls a multi use pad (large).
It’s waterproof – which her mattress we bought already is – and it’s bigger than a sheet saver. It’s $10 though and instead of using this you could just put two sheet savers in the crib or bassinet or whatever. We had two on our registry so I have marked it down to only one. Why in the world would I need two of these? I don’t even think I used this or sheet savers with Seth. There were only a few times I needed one anyway.

We also have a bassinet on our registry (we found one we like at the store and it’s cheaper but for some reason not on the website at Babies R Us) and a co-sleeper in bed thing. I’ve debated taking the co-sleeper thing off because we only have a queen sized bed and both of us like to spread out. I don’t think there would be room for it. As a matter of fact – I think I will take it off.

There. Done!

Moving on….there is a bottle and jar warmer that’s $25 on our registry. I plan on nursing so – there really wouldn’t be a need for a warmer for a while. Once she goes to daycare they have their own way of thawing out frozen (or partially frozen) breast milk…it’s called hot water from the sink. I’m thinking this may work just fine for us too! I didn’t have one of these with Seth and he was perfectly happy drinking his formula the way it was – we never had to heat it for him. Also debating on taking this off too.

There is also a bunch of blankets on the registry – receiving blankets and fuzzy blankets. I’m pretty sure we have plenty of receiving blankets but just to make sure I am going to wait until I get everything washed and counted before I start taking them off. I know we have at least four fuzzy blankets and we will need the thicker ones like that since she’ll be born during winter.

Again – going through this is probably just my OCD but there is only seven weeks left and I don’t want to spend money on something that we won’t use or don’t really need. A lot more things will likely be taken off between now and then – I’m feeling a little stressed still about not having everything but I will get over it – eventually. I’m starting to worry about when I will be out for my 12 weeks. I get four weeks of that paid but the rest (eight weeks) isn’t. We’ve been saving our money for those weeks – I just hope it’s enough.

xo – S.J.


3 thoughts on “Registry Redo (Day 195)

  1. OMG i been going crazy about preparing for my baby’s arrival and it seems like you have been too. I just recently did my baby registry too and I can’t help to obsess whether I included all the necessities!

  2. OMG i been going crazy about preparing for my baby’s arrival and it seems like you have been too. I just recently did my baby registry too and I can’t help to obsess whether I included all the necessities! My mom wanted to pass down a bassinet to me that she used with my baby brother but my boyfriend thinks we’ll manage with the baby on our bed. Which is crazy cause he is always tossing and turning and crushing me in his sleep but I cant convince him otherwise. He’s just weird that why plus we also have a crib ready. I see you have a crib liner thing on yours, is that neccesary also? I really don’t know because I am a first timer!

    • Are you talking about the bumpers? It’s not necessary and lots of people think they are a safety hazard – I had them in my sons crib and he turned out fine and I never had any issues with them being in there. I’d find something to put baby in instead of your bed. If it’s a large bed it would be okay but we have a queen and it’s just too small for us and the baby. We’ve been searching for Moses baskets but more than likely we will just go to Babies R Us and get a bassinet (they are about the same price). How many more weeks do you have? I’ve got about six left!

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