Don’t Mean To Be (Day 194)

I think I might have said something the other day that came across as rude – but I didn’t mean it to be.

I was upset and aggravated and just needed to yell at someone but since there wasn’t anyone to gripe at I posted to Facebook about it. I think really only one person knew what I was talking about and I hope I didn’t seem – like a jack hole. I just don’t understand why said person can’t do more when I know said person can.

I mean – for crying out loud – the person who knew what I was talking about did more than said person that pissed me off and you’d think that it would be at least the same amount of helping or more.

I know that all sounds confusing but I know what I am talking about and so does the one other person. I hate naming names when I talk about people because – well – they’d read it an know it was about them so I try not to. It’s just super aggravating and stressful to know that so much is left to do and there really isn’t a “let me help you” vibe from said person.

I have family that just told me today they would find their Dr. Brown’s bottles (which is what we wanted and didn’t get any of) and give them to us. They wouldn’t be needing them any more. Oh – and on the day of the baby shower another family member said they had a Dr. Brown’s sanitizer that we could have since she wouldn’t be having any more kids and wouldn’t need it either! You have NO IDEA how much that means to us!!

I mentioned in the weekly update that Jeremy and I were going this weekend to look for a dresser for Keira’s room. We will also go to Babies R Us and Target to see about getting anything else we need. He said we’d probably do this every week until she’s here. Somethings I know we probably won’t get (but were on our registry because we wanted) like a bassinet. I mean – I’m the one going to be feeding her at night so I don’t care to get up to get her (or Jeremy could and bring her to me). I know I will need a pump for SURE and we will need a monitor.

We have over 150+ items on our Babies R Us registry and about 40+ on our Target registry that didn’t get bought. I will also need nursing tops eventually since right now I only have a nursing night-gown. I don’t have any nursing bras so that will be a must. If anyone reading this wants to get us Christmas gifts – just buy off our registries!

That’s something else I’m worrying about – Christmas. I know we will get Seth some things and Keira some things. I worry about what to get Jeremy and where the money will come from. I wanted to get grandparents something but I doubt that we will be able to do that. Everyone will just have to get over not getting anything from us this year. We usually buy something for the whole family – that’s like 10+ people and then our own stuff.

I just need to not think about it and stop stressing. I know things will be okay….He always makes them okay. 🙂

xo – S.J.


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