Ummmk (Day 192)

So I am so totally grateful for everything we got at our baby shower – love everything. Seriously. BUT – and there always is one – there are some things that I thought we’d get that we didn’t.

For one – bottles. I’ve never seen a mom not get bottles at her baby shower. Two – diapers. We got one pack and the next day at church we got another. I’ve seen mom’s get STACKS of diapers before. Maybe I should have done a diaper raffle? Three – diaper bag. Like is like a MUST HAVE thing is it not?

There are other things that I hoped we’d get but wasn’t really expecting anyone to buy. I know a diaper disposal system is expensive and so is a bassinet but I thought maybe you know? Then there is our baby book. I LOVE it but it’s $60 so we’ll have to buy that too.

We will also have to buy everything listed above PLUS a pump and re-useable nursing pads. We already went and bought her mattress and we need a rocking chair. This is the kind of stuff that is going to stress me out beyond belief for the next seven weeks. YUP – SEVEN WEEKS. That’s not long and with my work sticking to four days a week my pay check sucks.

I knew if we waited until we were financially ready for a baby that it would never happen. I knew it would be stressful but I didn’t think that seven weeks out I’d still need so much stuff. My step MIL bought all of Keira’s bedding and a matching lamp, plus several outfits and a pack of diapers. My mother said she will help get the rest of the stuff we need but it’s still nerve-racking. Also – it doesn’t help that one person seems like they won’t help at all. I’ve already stressed out enough over things said person has done in the past few days so this doesn’t help either.

If I didn’t have my SIL Crystal, my brother, my mom and my step MIL – I’d go crazy. Thank God for helpful family members!! I seriously need the next seven weeks to go by quickly…and stress free if possible.

xo – S.J.


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