Who Was I Kidding? (Day 191)

Saturday was busy. Heck – Friday was busy and I was off work. After picking up Seth early from school to make a doctor’s appointment, we went out to the mall and got the rest of the things I needed for the baby shower. I can’t for the life of me tell you what it was but I know it was out by the mall because we ate at Salsaritas – I think. Lord I was a crazy day.

I do know I went to the store for groceries. I stayed up that night until around eleven making molded chocolates. It wasn’t as fun and easy as it was the first time after I bought the squeeze bottles. I was squeezing the one good one I had left (the other somehow got a hole in it – I know how but I won’t tell you cause it’s stupid and would just make me mad again to tell you) and for some reason POP – white chocolate went everywhere and I said something I shouldn’t have in the presence of Seth’s nine-year old ears. I said – “Don’t ever say that and get me some paper towels please.” I said it in the calmest voice I could without sounding like a total witch with a capital B.

So after cleaning that mess up – and realizing ten minutes later that my shirt was also covered in chocolate – I realized how late it was (about ten thirty) and sent Seth off to bed. I ended up making about 250 pieces of chocolate and went to bed right about 10 minutes before Jeremy came home. I don’t even remember him coming in – I was wiped out.

Saturday morning I was up and at it at seven. I couldn’t sleep – had weird dreams and just couldn’t lay there awake any longer. I showered, fixed breakfast for us all (I think) got dressed and went to get Crystal. OH! I went to Motherhood Maternity Friday to get a nursing gown and robe and a t-shirt. That’s why we ate at Salsarita’s!! See – I remembered – eventually. I only remembered because I wore that shirt I bought on Friday to the baby shower on Saturday.

I picked up Crystal at her house at 9:30. I met the cake lady at 10:15 at her house. Crystal and I then stopped at the Dollar Store to get balloons. Then we went to Dunkin Doughnuts were I got a Vanilla Bean Coolatta and a blueberry muffin (which reminds me I DIDN’T fix breakfast that morning) and Crystal got a Pumpkin Spice latte and a tuna salad breakfast sandwich. After THAT – we went to the church. I’m telling you – it was LOTS of running around even though it doesn’t really sound like it.

We got to the church at 11:30 (mom was “on her way” and Mary said she’d be there at two). Crystal and I sat for a minute and ate our Dunkin Doughnut stuff and then got to work on setting the tables. Oh – we also went to Costco and fell in love with AKC Registered bulldog puppies that were for sale in the parking lot. At $1,400 though we quickly just said “They are so cute” and walked away.

At around 12:30 Crystal and I were still putting together favors and freaking out about the food we needed to prepare which would take us about 45 minutes. Mom showed up around one and Mary brought the stuff for punch around 1:30. She couldn’t find yarn we needed for a game anywhere. Once she did – she came back to help. At 15 till 2 hardly any food was out on the table and one person had shown up. Thank goodness she helped!!!

At around 2:15 everything was ready to go and there were around 20 people. 45 had said they were coming – but most of them didn’t show for one reason or another. I had already cried for about 2 minutes because it was warm in the gym and the fondant on the cake had fallen on one side. Someone was able to fix it with additional flowers that we got from the cake lady. At 2:30 a key person was missing – one I thought would be there before to help set up. I called and someone else answered. I won’t name names but I was pretty pissed that this person thought that something else was more important than being on time to the baby shower. It would have helped a lot if they had shown up early to help like I thought they were. I cried for a good ten minutes in the church gym kitchen before they finally showed up and Crystal had to put some powder on my face so everyone wouldn’t see my red face and puffy eyes. My mom and Mary (my step mother in law) came to talk to me in the kitchen to try to calm me down. At least I know who thought it was important to be there for me. I just wish someone had thought the way mom and Mary had.

I thought that Saturday would be an easy day – but who was I kidding? I was stressed out beyond the max and the only people who could bring me down to where I needed to be were mom, Crystal, Mary and Hunter. Without them I would seriously have gone off on someone.

I told Mary to let every one start getting food and playing games even though that person wasn’t there. I wasn’t going to wait any longer on said person. So – people ate, people were happy, people were talking. I was slowly calming down and got my own food and sat down with mom, my uncle and his new wife and my friend from church that showed up early and helped out.

Games were explained and played and prizes were given. Then it was time for gifts. I hate being the center of attention but it was a must do. Crystal wrote down the gifts as I opened them and Mary handed them to me as I needed them. We got lots of outfits for little Keira, some dolls, rattles, paci holders, and lots of other things I can’t completely put down here. What I didn’t expect was to only get one pack of diapers and NO bottles. We didn’t get our diaper bag either.

I am so grateful for everything that was given to us – I don’t even have words to explain it. You should see her room. Crystal and Johnathan (my brother) came over that night for pizza and to help go through everything and take tags off and sort and fold. Seth was at a friend’s house so Johnathan and Jeremy played video games, talked business and music and a few other friends showed up. Casey and Jakki, Chase and Nikki and little Oliver.

All in all – it was a good day/night. Next time I say that something will be easy to do though – I will remind myself of the day of the baby shower. Nothing is ever as easy as you think it will be – and I certainly didn’t expect to get so upset at someone. That just goes to show – anything can happen.

xo – S.J.


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