Maternity Picture Time! (Day 190)

I usually hate to have my picture taken. Really.

I hated picture day in school. I remember (I think it was middle school) knowing it was picture day and still just wearing a t-shirt. I didn’t want to dress up. It wasn’t a nice like solid color shirt or one with a collar. It was a Friends t-shirt. Yup – like Ross and Rachael Friends t-shirt. I had that FOR. EVER. and I loved it.

High School was different. I think I did “dress up” but not anything like some other people did. I didn’t wear make up AT ALL in high school. I thought it was pointless and towards the end of my junior year I did start wearing mascara and eyeliner. That is the extent of my make up – kind of still to this day. I do use eyeshadow and some concealer. If I need my hair or my make up done these days I call my sister-in-law Crystal. I mean – that is what she’s going to school for. 🙂

Now – when we found out we were pregnant this time I wanted pictures done – I knew that much. When I was pregnant with Seth there are NO PICTURES of me what so ever any where. So I wanted to make sure that we got some with this little one. Who do I get to do them??? Why I know the best person!!

Daniela Plank Photography. I knew Daniela from Facebook because she married a guy I went to high school with. She also attended a Dove Chocolate party that I threw sometime in February or March of this year with her sister-in-law Amanda Plank who is also a photographer. Her business is called Studio 711. You should like them both on Facebook – they are awesome! Oh – that isn’t just a suggestion – it’s a MUST DO people! 🙂

Anyway – our pictures were done this past Sunday with Dani and Amanda. It was the first time Jeremy and Seth had met either one of them (as they were gone for the chocolate party). We went to the battlefield and were there for about an hour I’d say. It wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cold – it was perfect. If you were chilly it was nothing a light jacket or sweater wouldn’t fix.

Now – I won’t post any of the maternity pictures here because I want you to go and see them on Dani or Amanda’s page (I think they are on Dani’s). There are only a few posted as of right now but there should be more later and I can’t wait to see them!

Props to Crystal (my sister-in-law) for my make up and hair. I totally couldn’t do that braid thing on my own (much less to anyone else). That’s why I told her when Keira gets older and she asks me about make up or hair I’ll be like “I don’t know – go ask your Aunt Crystal!”

xo – S.J.


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