Fall Premier Time! (Day 185)

Yeah so I know I am a little late writing about the new fall line up – but you have to admit – I’ve been pretty busy.

Surprise baby shower, organizing, making chocolates for baby shower coming up this weekend – crazy busy at work – yeah, I have to seriously think about when I can sit down to write. I guess that’s a good thing though. I mean – I can’t sit down and write amazingly long posts like John and Sherri over at Young House Love but honestly – I wish I could. I seriously read everything they write no matter if I am interested in it or not.

So – Fall Premier Time!!!

I have to admit – most the shows I watch are on the CW network (which used to be the WB). I like a few shows on ABC Family but we don’t get that channel with our cheap $15 a month cable package. I have to resort to watching the shows online either at work (shhhhh) or at home (when I can find time too).

I’m getting around to some of my favorites. First up is Body Of Proof…stay tuned for what I think about it!!!  🙂

xo  -S.J.


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