PETA Did What? (Day 184)

This is going to be short (probably very) and sweet (maybe).

I am all for ethical treatment of animals. I do not condone starving or beating or anything like that but as far as cows and chickens, pigs and anything else we eat – God put it here for a reason. If there is bad things going on in processing plants then by all means – fine them or shut them down or what ever. Don’t sit there and tell me that eating meat is bad. It’s what we’ve done for thousands of years. Get over it.

Now – I heard the other day on the radio (talk radio) that PETA is coming out with something new to spread the word about their campaign. A porn site.

Yes – you read that right. Porn.

I hate to even type that word much less say it out loud. I mean seriously? Haven’t they gone far enough in their naked billboard ads of famous people? I of course did NOT go looking into it because I don’t care one cent about looking any further into the story but if it’s true – they apparently hold animals higher than people. I think that kind of “entertainment” or what ever you want to call it – it disgusting and horrible.

I hope you’re proud of yourself PETA.

xo – S.J.


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