Administrative Assistant Day (Day 183)

I know what you’re thinking – “This day was back in April – what’s she talking about?”

Well – that fateful April day was gloomy then all heck broke loose. Tornadoes hit close to where I work and where I live. Even close to the country club we were going to have our luncheon. So – needless to say it was canceled and eventually we were all sent home early.

Today was the “make up Administrative Assistant Day” celebration. It too is at the country club. I started working where I work four years ago this coming up January on Jeremy’s birthday (the 17th). When they told me about the first Administrative Assistant Day luncheon I freaked out a little. I had met NO ONE from the home office on the other side of the river. I’d only ever talked to them (mostly the other women) on the phone and it’s hard for me to place voices with faces.

In total – there are about 10 women working for the company I work for and all of them work in the office except for one. If I ever have a problem I can just call one of them up and they can tell me how to fix it. It took me a long time to remember who was who – even now though I have a problem remember one or two of them just because I don’t talk to them that much.

We were supposed to be there at noon which means we had to leave around 11:30. Usually our luncheon is a buffet – but since it had to be rescheduled and be on a different day we had to choose our food. Oh – I forgot to mention. The only people who go to the country club on a regular basis must have a membership. That’s the only way to get in there. It’s really nice. Rooms to rent, golf course by the river, amazing views and awesome food. Needless to say I don’t have the money for a membership and even if I did – I wouldn’t want to be there.

One of our guys in the shop got sick and had to be taken to the doctor’s office. Sonny (the boss man who was supposed to go with me) had to take him and he didn’t want to leave him until his wife got there. Needless to say – Sonny didn’t make it back to the office and Heath couldn’t leave (the other boss man) so I had to go alone. It’s all good though – I could talk to Jeremy on the way there.

It was raining – for once in a blue moon – and I hate driving on the freeway when it rains. I made it there in one piece though. Usually we go upstairs to a big banquet room but today I saw Chris (a girl) waiting at the bottom of the stairs on the lower level. So I go on down and turn the corner to see a large room down stairs. It’s not as formal so I felt a little better about wearing my maternity jeans. THEN – I see this little room off to the left and I see Charlotte (the purchasing agent I talk to the most besides our HR lady Melissa). Then I see everything else.

Pink balloons and gifts. It was a surprise baby shower!!! I wanted to cry – I almost did a few times. For a while I couldn’t even look anyone in the eye cause I wanted to cry. Like happy cry. Everyone said “Surprise!” and Melissa took pictures of my reaction. I didn’t know what to say. I got really hot – I get that way when I’m nervous – and started to shake a bit – another nervous thing I do still trying not to cry.

I opened my gifts first. There were diapers, a few nice burp cloths, some outfits, and a lovie. It was pink and a monkey and it had Keira’s name on it! It was so cute! There are lots of other stuff too but I just don’t want to list it all. In total there were eight of us there. After gifts we had lunch – which was YUMMY. Then after that we had dessert! I had a chocolate cheesecake with caramel – SO GOOD.

So – administrative assistant day it was not – IT WAS BETTER! I can’t wait to go home and hang up her outfits from today and put everything else up! I love my women co-workers!!!! Now – I’m not so stressed out about the other baby shower. Today’s surprise baby shower really made me feel a lot better about having everything we need. I’m a happy girl!!!

xo – S.J.


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